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DJI Mini 3 Pro Gimbal Replacement

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions.

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Does anyone have a source for replacing the little rubber gimbal mounts?

Andre Purdy - Ответить

HI there! Does anyone know where I can buy the whole gimbal in USA? I remember seeing it somewhere but cannot find it

gbonilla - Ответить

Go to YouTube and check the link to the gimbal assembly in the description below the video

Arty -

mini 3 pro com port not show on device manegar any help.

Limon Khan - Ответить

Start trembling during flight after a horizontal stop. At the start, I can hear the gimbal noise from trembling (before taking off). I gently touch it, and it stops. I take off and fly a long distance.

If I stop it or it stops it by signal loss, the trembling starts again. if I never stop it and take gentle curves back, it may work. At abrupt stops, it starts trembling. I bring the drone back to me at 1-meter height. I gently touch the gimbal (without landing), and it stops. Then I fly again (if the battery is low, I land, change the battery, and start again, same steps, every time). I will probably buy a new one, so I can send this to repairs - did not check the guarantee yet.

- no problems during climbing up.
- only on horizontal movements and hard stops (release the lever on the controller).
I will try never to release the lever abruptly and never lose signal (a signal lost could be a hard brake, also)
??? Calibration can stop this strange error ????

Dorin - Ответить

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