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To reassemble your device, follow the entire video

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okay number one this dude is not wearing gloves.2 hes rough with this phone

good work taking apart

roland wal - Ответить

In my case the headphone jack was glued with doublesided tape to the rear bezel instead of just loosely attached to the display assembly. And the process of getting the display assembly out of the bezel was more difficult than shown in the video. But I successfully swapped my audio jack thanks to this disassembly guide.

Constantin Becker - Ответить

I replaced the cracked screen digitizer and lcd with the help of this video successfully.

Thank you.

Bruce - Ответить

My lumia 920 have audio problems. It all started when i used Samsung's earplug. Since then my phone was permanently on headphone mode but none of the headphones worked and after removing my headphone my audio stopped working. I did factory reset but problem still persisted. I disconnected my audio jack from the phone and phone was working fine for few days,but again same problem came,i.e. No audio output/input and speaker stopped working along with error code "c00d36c4". I have factory reset my phone many times but it is not working.

I have searched all over the Internet but no soln is provided. Can anyone help me? Please provide me the parts info that i should change to fix it.

Adnan Nabi - Ответить

Use a qtip - pull off the majority of the cotton, dip in alcohol, insert and spin to clean - there is a small pin in the earplug that activates headphone mode. cleaning helped release the pin on mine.

Jason Horton -

I have just tried to change the broken glass, I have riassembled it, but the TFT displays everthing correctly but the colors are confused, not clear. What may be the cause it?


michele - Ответить

Perfect Guide helped me dissasemble and I had to replace the sim Slot (hard solder job) but working 100%

Ivon Kenmui - Ответить

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