This guide shows how to replace a printhead. Consistently poor print quality even after printing and replacing ink might be caused by a faulty printhead. This process requires the knowledge of how to use basic tools.

  1. Turn off the printer.
    • Turn off the printer.

    • Disconnect all data connections coming into the printer such as USB, networkd cables, firewire, etc. as well as removing the power cord.

  2. Locate the IEEE cover in  the back.
    • Locate the IEEE cover in the back.

    • Gently slide cover to the right to unlatch then pull to remove it.

    • Using a #2 Phillips screwdriver, remove the four 10mm screws shown.

    • Remove the 6mm screw that holds the rear housing in place.

    • Remove the rear housing by pulling it backwards.

    • Insert the flathead screwdriver or plastic pry tool into the cutouts of the lower housing.

    • Release the two tabs of the side housing by lifting the tool in an upward motion

    • Remove the side housing by pulling it outwards.

    • Both side housings are attached by the same type of mechanism.

    • Using the same method, remove the other side housing.

    • Lift the paper support.

    • Open the printer cover and front cover.

    • Remove the four 10 mm Phillips #2 screws from the sides of the printer.

    • Remove the three 6mm Phillips #2 screws.

    • Detach the tabs from the pins on each side by pulling it outwards.

    • Remove the two 10 mm Phillips #2 screws on the front of the printer.

    • Disconnect the cable on the side by carefully pulling it outwards.

    • You may need to gently rock the cable up and down while pulling.

    • Remove the upper housing by lifting it upwards.

    • It's easier to lift the housing by gripping it from the bottom.

    • Insert a flathead screwdriver into the hole on the right side of the frame.

    • Turn the screwdriver counterclockwise until it stops.

    • Move the carriage unit to the center.

    • Open the cartridge cover.

    • Remove all the ink cartridges inside.

    • Using a plastic opening tool, disengage the two upper tab on the side of the carriage unit.

    • With a spudger or plastic opening tool, disengage the lower tab.

    • Slide the cover upward and rotate it around the hinge by 90°.

    • The CSIC assembly sits inside the carriage unit.

    • Reaching from the back of the carriage unit, disengage the two tabs that hold the CSIC assembly in place.

    • The tabs can be difficult to disengage. The second image shows the rear of CSIC assembly.

    • The third image shows where the tabs lock onto the carriage unit.

    • Remove the CSIC assembly from the carriage unit.

    • Using tweezers, disengage the right tab from the back right panel of the carriage unit.

    • Push the tweezers towards the front of the printer while pulling up on the right panel.

    • When the tab is disengaged, you can pull the panel upwards slightly to prevent the tab from engaging.

    • Using the tweezers, disengage the left tab from the back left.

    • Push the tweezers towards the front of the printer while pulling on the left side upwards.

    • When both tabs are disengaged, the part is slightly raised.

    • Lift CSIC assembly up and out of the Carriage Unit.

    • The printhead is the part with 6 nozzles.

    • Remove the three 8 mm #2 Phillips screws that secure the printhead.

    • Remove the printhead from the carriage unit by lifting it up vertically.

    • Disconnect the two ribbon cables on the back of the printhead.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Dear Larry,

Thank you for your excellent, thorough guide.

Since all I am replacing is the printhead, why do I need to remove the covers from the printer? In the later steps, you show clearly how to remove the printhead directly from the top front of the printer. Isn't that all I have to do to remove and replace the printhead?

After replacing the printhead on the Epson 1400, do I need to do some special kind of reset?

Thanks very much for your help and attention.

CalFox - Ответить

By default, the cartridge box is on the right most side of the printer. To get the printhead out, you need to disengage two tabs on the back of the cartridge box, shown on step 18. It's impossible to get to the right side one unless you can move the cartridge box close to the middle. And by default, you can't move the cartridge box by hand unless you unlock it on step 13, which is inside the side housing. If you can get away with sticking your hand inside the small rectangular hole of the top housing, then you don't have to take it off. But it's very difficult to maneuver your tweezers without lots of room. It's a tricky and awkward motion for your hand to disengage it, so we took off the housing first.

I'm not sure if any resets need to be done. You might have to realign the printhead using the printer software after you install it if the prints turn out strange.

Larry Huang -

With a simple hooked-end machinists scribe, it was easy to gently lift each little tab forward from the front and then easily lift the back board (over the printhead screws) straight up.

All I needed to do to let the printhead be moveable is turn the unit off, then turn it on. The printhead moves to center, then unplug the unit. Now the printhead is easy to move.

This "unplug it" method is common to most CISS retrofits to most Epson printers and it is not supposed to hurt anything.


CalFox - Ответить

I think Calfox is right - just turn printer on, then unplug as carriage starts to move. Then it can be moved freely.

Also a 4 - 5 mm Allen key can be used to unhook the CSIC plate - place angled end of key behind carriage, & feel for the edge of the clip. Then pull forward on allen key, & up on the CSIC plate. Do both sides. Take care not to damage the encoder strip.

Will try scribe method next -

Stuart - Ответить

So, I have the Epson Photo Stylus 1400 too. Mine was in storage for almost a year. When I tried to use it again, it didn't recognize that there was any ink in the cartridges. I replaced the cartridges and still didn't recognize that there was ink in the cartridges. I tried to clean it from the maintenance menu, but no luck. Any ideas on what I can do?

Jason cLYBURN - Ответить

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