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To reassemble your Galaxy Note, follow the complete video

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Brilliant. Thank you.

churchst71 - Ответить

Very complete guide. If you need to replace your screen - MAKE SURE you order the part with the plastic chassis and home key attached to the glass. You will be much happier, trust me.

Justin Long - Ответить


In the linked video which describes separating the digitizer and glass from the plastic chassis I believe there is a missing step in the reassembly which is critical.

There is a metal grommet on the glass which holds the home button in place when it is reattached to the plastic chassis. This piece of metal MUST be transfered if it's not on the new glass/digitizer assembly. If this step is omitted, the home button will not seat properly and will probably just fall out. The worst part is you can't really go back and fix it once you've mated the glass/digitizer to the plastic chassis. As soon as I hit it with heat again, the glass separated from the digitizer and rendered my new screen useless.

If I missed something, I apologize, but its a very important step nonetheless!!

Justin Long - Ответить

My Note 2 can't make calls even though showing full bars, how can I test whether it's a radio/antennae problem or software problem or if something is fried on the motherboard? For more info please see my question I just posted, thanks for the great video!

David - Ответить

I've had this problem before and it turned out the phone was blocked by the network. Try using checkmend.com . If its not blocked then its going to be a hardware/firmware issue


I live in Belize and bought it as Sprint "bad esn" note 2 on ebay.

I had it unlocked by the local mobile company, and worked perfectly for about a month.

One day I took the phone out of my belt case to make a call and the phone was completely dead.

No indicator lights, NOTHING. It would not power up no matter what I tried to do. hard reset, take out battery etc.

Then I got an idea to hold the power button down while I connected it to the charger to "jolt" it back to life, and IT WORKED!

But now it wont connect when trying to make a call.

It shows like it's calling, full bars, animated call screen, but there is no noise or message from the carrier or anything. Also cannot send texts.

The mobile co. re-unlocked it but still cant make calls. They couldn't tell whether it was software or hardware related either.

When I "jolted" it back to life something on the motherboard got fried?

I've rooted the phone and flashed several previous modem firmwares and non of them fixed the problem either. Also tried factory reset

David -

I've gone ahead and ordered a new micro usb charger/microphone board since it looks like it has some connections/circuits for some of the antennas, so we'll see what happens in a few days. Is there any other board that is replaceable (other than the motherboard) with radio circuits/connections?

David -

When you replace the display assembly, how would you tranfer the imei sticker to the new one? Is it just a case of applying a little heat?

dejohnsphone - Ответить

Yes you can use some hot air and aim for about 60ºC or as hot as your hands can stand.

Use a thin blade to peel it off and try not to touch the sticky side..


Hello, I have a trusted Note 2 GT-N7105. I had a cracked screen but it worked for two months after until it refused to start up after I powered down. The battery light does not show red or green and no sign of life at all. I did the battery check and the reset trick but no avail. I guess fixing the screen will not be the problem here. So I am wondering how to extract the data from the internal memory ? Can anybody help assist or advice? Can I buy a second hand GT-N7105 and replace the internal memory on that motherboard? Or can I attach the extracted motherboard to a pc with a go-between and read off the data? carelvandewaal@googlemail.com

carel - Ответить

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