Use this repair guide to replace the screen if it has been damaged.


Никакие детали не требуются.

  1. Remove the back battery cover by pinching down on the tab and pulling outward.
    • Remove the back battery cover by pinching down on the tab and pulling outward.

  2. Remove the six back panel screws using a Y1 screw driver.
    • Remove the six back panel screws using a Y1 screw driver.

    • Remove bottom back panel screw with a Phillips #1 screw driver.

    • Remove the back panel by pulling away with one hand and the front secured in the other hand.

    • Beware of right and triggers, the right and left panels, and the power switch falling off as the back panel is removed.

    • Remove left and right triggers by lifting and pulling them away from the system.

    • Do the same for side panels.

    • For finicky or jammed triggers only. Adjust and correct triggers and reassemble. Most jammed triggers are caused by buttons misplaced or jammed in its enclosure.

    • Remove the gray On/Off Switch by pulling up and away from the unit. Replace with another switch if necessary.

    • Remove the three screws on the circuit board with a Phillips #1 screw driver.

      • The last screw on the right is not included on some Game Boy Advance systems.

    • Pull circuit board away from the front panel by pulling up at the bottom of the circuit board, keeping the top ribbon still connected.

    • Beware not to damage the top ribbon by pulling up gently.

    • Remove the rubber button pads from their pockets.

    • Remove the plastic buttons and the D-pad from beneath the rubber pads with tweezers or by hand.

    • Use a spudger/tweezers/fingernail to unlatch the LCD ribbon port by pulling the grey tabs on the sides upwards (towards the top edge of the PCB).

    • Once the LCD ribbon port has been unlatched, the LCD ribbon should very easily slide out and can be removed with zero force using fingers or tweezers.

    • Use the spudger to lift the screen from the front panel. Place the spudger in the space directly left of the D-pad.

    • The screen and the front panel is connected by a black tape that could rip if not removed carefully.

    • Use the tweezers to remove the black tape if needed.

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Doesn't say where you can get new screen !!!!??

andrew Davies - Ответить

Doesn't say where to get screen from !!!??

andrew Davies - Ответить

Do this with the Game Boy Advance SP please!

Santi12008 - Ответить

It does not say where you can get a new screen

criscaanca - Ответить

DONT DO THIS LIKE THAT!!!. The area of the screen in the space beside the D-pad is the only area where the LCD glass is completely exposed. It’s Literaly the WORST place to apply pressure, 99% chances for the LCD to break. There is a notch on the top right corner and another under the ribbon cable. Making your way from the top right to the left is far more safe.

Dig - Ответить

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