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  • Use the plastic opening tool to pry off the rubber cover at the bottom of the speaker.

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  • Gently remove the rubber cover to expose the screws. If necessary, poke holes through the glue residue to expose the screw heads.

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Image 1/1: It would be wise to use a magnetic mat for the screws for safekeeping.
  • Once you have exposed the screws, use a #1 Phillips screwdriver to remove the four 9 mm screws.

  • It would be wise to use a magnetic mat for the screws for safekeeping.

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  • Once you've removed the screws, open the case slowly. The battery is covered in blue packaging.

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  • Very gently remove the battery from the motherboard.

Image 1/2: Image 2/2:
  • Use a solder gun to remove the battery attachments from the motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Looks like a great solution to fixing the speaker with a battery with a short life span. But what's the amperage of the lithium barberry and where can I purchase one ?

Stephen Lavizzo - Ответить

Did you ever find out where to purchase a new battery for it?

DJ Ethics -

Hey Stephen. Can you tell me where i can buy a replacement battery for my P120

Lynchfield Daniel -

On my Model: HX-P240A

KANYO 383541P 3.7V

520mAh 1.924Wh


minhngoctruong - Ответить

My Bluetooth speaker just has a rubber suction on the bottom. There is no area to replace a battery. Is there any way to reset I?

bdale46 - Ответить

have you even read the instructions?

simon -

Not sure if it is just mine or if this is actually how it charges. When I plug my HMDX Bluetooth earbuds, the light will turn red for a little bit then it turned off. Is it still charging or is something wrong with my earbuds?

Sean - Ответить

Where do you buy the new battery

TIM BRADLEY - Ответить

Should the red light come on as soon as I insert the usb cord?

wieslaws - Ответить

Instructions above were helpful for my HMDX Jam model HX-P230A. To replace the battery, I bought a 3.7V 550 mAh battery on eBay for $7.50. (I believe the original battery was 500 mAh). See eBay listing at http://www.ebay.com/itm/251453907013. There's no manufacturer but the UPC is 737590401657 and the Model number is 053035. I'm not a great solderer so I did not unsolder the old battery. Instead I clipped the leads about half way. I then twisted the new battery wires onto the wires dangling from the circuit board. BTW - the wires are really small. After twisting, I soldered the twisted wires and then wrapped with electrical tape. So far, works like new again. Good luck with your battery replacement!

gvardakis1 - Ответить

what about the HDMX 730 battery???

rsmc52 - Ответить

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