Use this guide to replace the keyboard on your HP Mini 210-1035la.

Shut down the computer
  • Shut down the computer

  • Remove the battery.

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Remove the 4 rubber feet
  • Remove the 4 rubber feet

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  • Simultaneously press in on the right release button (1) and release the right side ofrece the service cover (2)

  • Simultaneously press in on the left release button (3) and release the left side of the service cover (4)

  • Reverse this procedure to insert the service cover

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  • Remove the three screws that hold the keyboard

  • With the computer front toward you, turn it right-side up.

  • Completely open the computer

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  • Lift the back edge of the key board until it rest at an angle

  • Slide the keyboard back until the keyboard cable and connector are accessible

  • Release the connector to which the keyboard cable has been attaching, and then disconnect the keyboard cable

  • Remove the keyboard

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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