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HTC Evo 4G: Increasing Battery Life (Root Required)

    • Rooting -- the easy way -- http://unrevoked.com/m. This will give you an app that grants you root privileges in Froyo (2.2).

    • This is the easy way to "try before you buy" rooting, since a permanent rooting solution requires you to flash a new operating system (ROM) onto the device.

    • If you want a more permanent solution see http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-all-thin...

    • In fact, read the idiot guide and get to step 13.

    • SetCPU is your under-clocking tool. You can either buy it for two bucks on the android market or download it from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthre.... Please buy it from the market to support the developers as a donation.

    • SetCPU requires root privileges, so go ahead and use unrevoked's root tool and start up SetCPU.

    • You will need to set up some settings. First of all, set up and enable profiles (you will disable this when you need more power for some games). Profiles is the second tab in the SetCPU tool.

    • Add a profile. The condition is "Screen Off". Set the MAX speed to the smallest value using the slider. Same with the min speed. Set the priority to 100 using a slider. This means that when the device has no screen display, it will be in absolute minimum power mode and still on. It can't increase power.

    • The priority controls which profiles take precedence, higher priority with a met condition means it will be used vs a lower priority. So keep this in mind.

    • Next I set the condition to Charging AC/Full and set the speed to 100% max, lowest min, priority 99. This ensures that when my car charger is plugged in and I am using GPS navigation, I get max juice. Note: the screen being off will take priority here.

    • Next is a 70 priority when the battery is <10%. Set the same configuration as screen off. This will ensure that when the battery is running low and you conserve battery life so you can at least make a call or look up a number.

    • Now, set your slider on the first tab (Main) to say 499 max. This will be your default mode of operations. Most of the time, 50% power is more than enough. If you notice no slowdowns when doing normal work, feel free to lower that number. When playing a game that slows it down, just set that slider to something higher.

    • Next up is the slowing down of background operations. This is very important because the less background work is done, the less battery is consumed.

    • Read http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-tips-tri... This is an incredible guide on how to slow down background fetching of data by email clients, messaging, etc. Set yourself a good number like one check every 10-15 minutes for Gmail and you will be fine.

    • This is a potentially dangerous one. Be very careful not to delete the wrong thing. This can't be stressed enough.

    • You will need to get TitaniumBackup (root required). This tool has a five dollar minimum donation for an enhanced version, but you can still use the free version for these needs. The tool will let you back up all your information (including system apps) to your SD card. This is highly recommended.

    • First it will ask you to download BusyBox. BusyBox is a set of command line tools all backed into one.

    • Menu -> Batch -> Backup All User + System Apps -- You are now good to go. If something goes wrong where you delete an important but non-system-critical program, you can restore everything back to the way it was.

    • Next you select Backup/Restore from the main screen and begin hunting.

    • Look for all of the phone tools like NASCAR, NFL, Sprint TV, and delete them. Carefully, one at a time, by tapping and choosing uninstall. This will get rid of some pesky background apps.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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