Use this guide to gain access to other parts of the phone or replace your broken motherboard. The motherboard contains the processing power and storage capabilities of the phone. It is the primary board that everything else connects to.

  1. Insert the end of a paper clip into the holes on each side of the phone to eject the SIM card and Micro SD card.
    • Insert the end of a paper clip into the holes on each side of the phone to eject the SIM card and Micro SD card.

    • Set the cardholders aside.

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  2. Heat up the top grey speaker plate with the iFixit iOpener for two minutes.
    • Heat up the top grey speaker plate with the iFixit iOpener for two minutes.

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    • Use a metal spudger to pry up the left edge of the upper grey front plate.

    • Place the spudger between the inside white plastic edge and the grey plate. Do not pry between the two white plastic frames.

      • Don’t pry against the glass. Pry against only the left side as there is a delicate antenna under the plate.

    • Use the narrow plastic pry tool to carefully separate the black ribbon antenna from the grey plate.

    It’s not necessary to remove the grey plate all the way, just enough to get access to the screw on the left side for step 4.

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    • Remove the 2mm screw with a T5 torx screwdriver head from the iFixit tool kit.

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    • Use the plastic pry tool to pry around the edge of the phone.

      • Pry carefully around the card slots.

    • Slowly pull up from the right side of the screen like opening a book.

      • The plastic piece for the power button may fall out. Set it aside for reassembly.

    • Use the plastic spudger to peel the foam adhesive around the camera away from the back plate.

    Only open the back enough to gain access to the foam adhesive around the camera. If you open too much before separating the camera, you will rip the ribbon connector apart & the camera will never work again. Thank you !!!

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    Is there anything else that can destroy the camera?

    I was careful and did not think that I destroyed anything, also there is no damage visible. But the camera doesn’t work, I cannot even switch from front to main camera. Any idea or hopeless?

    sonnysoni -

    If the plastic power button falls out of the case, ensure that it is replaced the same way round. The small circular part which actually operates the switch is slightly offset & nearer the middle of the phone.

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    Once the back is pried enough to reach inside, you can use the plastic spudger tool to reach in and pry the sides of the square camera body away from the back of the case. You are trying to protect the camera body, and the ribbon cable that connects it to the main board, by carefully separating the adhesive around the sides that fasten the camera body to the hole in the back cover of the phone.

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    There are several plastic clips around the perimeter of the phone. I found it easiest to unclip the one right blow the volume button first, then work down the right side of the phone (two more on the side, one at the corner) then work up the right side (one at the upper right corner) then along the top and bottom.

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    To help remove camera adhesive, I found heat useful.

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    Hi all ,I didn’t apply enough heat removing the grey front panel and the ribbon anntena is ripped.

    I should have left it double time as its cold here .Is there a replacement for sale somewhere ?

    Is this easy to replace is my next question.

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    • Peel off the long yellow pieces of tape on the right and left side of the copper plate.

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    • Starting from the copper plate, peel up all three woven, silver colored tapes using the spudger or narrow pry tool.

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    • Using the flat end of the spudger, pop up the white tabs on all ribbon cable connectors located to the left and right of the copper plate.

      • On the left side, pop the white tab up to the left. On the right, pop up to the right.

    • Carefully pull out the ribbon cables.

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    • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, unscrew the two 1 mm screws from the bottom right corner of the motherboard that hold the power connector down.

    • Pop up the battery connector using the flat end of the spudger.

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    • Use the pointed end of the spudger to pop off the four antenna connectors. Three are located on the top left corner of the motherboard and one on the bottom right.

    FOR HTC ONE REMIX (VERIZON) There's an extra antenna on the lower left of the MOBO, just above the braided red & black cables. Pop it off.

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    • Using the pointed end of the spudger, pull the wires for the rumble motor to the left to pull the connector out of the board.

    • The connector is very small and easy to break so take caution when pulling it out. Wiggling the wires as you pull to the left helps.

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    • Using a T5 torx screwdriver, remove four 2mm screws from the four corners of the motherboard.

    • Once the screws are removed, carefully pull the copper plated motherboard out.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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