This guide will take you through the process of replacing the battery in an HTC One Remix.

  1. Use the sim eject tool to remove the SIM cards on either side of the phone.
    • Use the sim eject tool to remove the SIM cards on either side of the phone.

  2. Place the warm iOpener on top of the phone for three minutes.
    • Once the top of the phone is warm, use a plastic spudger to pry up the left corner and pull it off.

    • The top is glued on so it may be difficult to pull off.

    • Take out the single 3mm screw that is on the top left side using a Torx 4 screwdriver.

    • Use the plastic spudger to pry off the back cover. Place the tool in the SIM card insert and lift the back cover with force. Continue to do this all around the phone.

    • Be careful not to break the wiring that is connected from the inside of the phone to the back of the phone.

    • With tweezers, remove the small pieces of yellow tape that cover the ZIF connectors.

    • Use the plastic prying tool to take off the three pieces of silver tape. They are located at the bottom right corner of the copper plate.

    • With the plastic spudger, disconnect the eight ZIF connectors.

    • Use tweezers to carefully detach the eight ribbon cables from the ZIF connectors.

    • Remove the two 1mm screws at the bottom right of the motherboard using a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

    • Pull off one end of each of the five colored connecting cables from the motherboard.

    • Pull back the black and red wire on the motherboard on the bottom left.

    • Take out the four 3mm screws that are on each corner of the motherboard using a Torx 4 screwdriver.

    • Gently lift the motherboard out of the phone using the plastic spudger.

    • Make sure the ribbon cables are out of the way when removing the motherboard.

    • Pull back the ZIF and ribbon connectors and place the plastic opening tool into the indentation between the battery and the frame of the phone. Continue to do this around each side of the battery by gently prying.

    • Gently pull the battery from the HTC One Remix.

    • This may be somewhat difficult due to the adhesive keeping the battery in place. Carefully pull and watch the orange tab at the bottom right of the battery. It may get stuck.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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