Hornady lock n load auto charge

Having issues with Motor not running

Inconsistent speeds/ jerking around.

install new IC to fix the issue

Clean Brushes on Motor

  1. Horandy Auto Charge
    • Horandy Auto Charge

  2. Empty Powder out
    • Empty Powder out

    • Remove anything that will fall out when you turn it over to get to the 6 phillips screws in the botton

    • remove the 4 round foam feet to exposed the screws. unscrew the 6 screws

    • slowly separate the black bottom from the red top. there is a motor connecter, screen connector, and 2 connector for the keypad.

    • There is 1 circuit board and you can see the l298n on the right side. take circiut board out and unsoder the l298n. install New L298n with Heat sink . and reassemble.

    • You can see the damage to the L298N

    • required a new Motor Controller IC. This happened loading 300 Cartridges back to back. Duty Cycle was to much. ADDED heat sink is a must if loading may Cartridges!!!

    • when testing after new IC was installed

    • Motor would Jerk and was not smooth. disassemble motor and clean brushes.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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