Note: The best time to do this is when the system is new. Older systems may have a visible contrast when the stickers are removed.

On many PCs, the OEM puts branding stickers on, which are prone to wear on laptops. Removing these from a laptop will keep the palmrest clean or clean up an old system with worn out stickers.

Guide notes

  • IMPORTANT: The battery must be removed if it is easily accessible and in the line of fire where heat will be applied. These can explode if they get hot.
    • Follow the specific guide for your laptop to do this. Instructions are not included in this guide, as all laptops are different.
  • Be careful how much heat you use. Plastic parts can be melted if they get too hot. These will need to be replaced if this happens.
    • To avoid damaging the plastics, only use enough heat to make removal easy.
  • Goof Off WILL DAMAGE MOST PLASTICS. Use Goo Gone, as it is far safer and doesn't damage most surfaces.
    • If you are in uncomfortable using solvents, a piece of tape can also be used.


  • In most cases, you will find the Windows XP/Intel/pre-2011 AMD stickers leave a residue behind, especially on old stickers. This is largely unavoidable (but is easily cleaned).
    • While this is less common with Windows Vista/7/post-2011 AMD stickers as the adhesive typically comes off clean, it can still happen.
  • This procedure can be used to remove most stickers; not just Intel/AMD/nVidia/Windows stickers.
    • While some stickers can be harder than others (often due to age or the type of glue used), the procedure will be the same regardless of difficulty.


Никакие детали не требуются.

  1. Every laptop has a different procedure to remove the battery.
    • Every laptop has a different procedure to remove the battery.

    • Before removing the stickers, remove the battery.

    • 30-60 seconds of heat is sufficient to break the glue down.

    • If the sticker is thin, removal can be done with guitar picks.

    • After removing the battery, heat the system up with a hairdryer. Do this until the glue is soft.

    • Peel off the stickers when the palmrest is hot.

    • The bottle my Goo Gone came from broke. I replaced the bottle since it was full.

    • After the sticker(s) have been removed, clean the leftover glue. Use a gentle citrus solvent.

    • Put a good amount on the system. Only use enough to clean the glue.

    • Wipe the glue off after a few seconds. The hot glue will come off easily.

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