The most common reason zippers get stuck is that dirt and debris often lodges in the zipper slider. Cleaning and lubricating your zipper helps to extend its life and prevents sticking, oxidizing, and jamming. The procedure we describe here works for both coil zippers and plastic tooth zippers. Lubricate your zipper after you’ve been in a dusty, dirty or wet environment.

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No tools required.

  1. Lay your garment on a table.
    • Lay your garment on a table.

    • If you can, unzip the zipper.

      • If you can't move the slider, just work around it.

    • Using the brush located on top of the Zip Care bottle, or simply using a nylon brush, work the dirt and debris off of the zipper coil or the teeth of the zipper.

  2. Pinch the slider in your fingers, so that you can see into the area where the coil rests.
    • Pinch the slider in your fingers, so that you can see into the area where the coil rests.

    • Use the brush to free any dirt or debris caught inside the slider.

    • Place a paper towel behind the zipper.

      • To prevent messes, make sure that the paper towel is touching the underside of the teeth or coil.

    • Twist open the Zip Care.

    • Gently squeeze the bottle as you slide the brush along the teeth or coil of the zipper to apply the lubricant.

    • Repeat this on both sides of the zipper teeth or coil.

    • Fold the paper towel over and dab any excess lubricant off the zipper.

    • Zip and unzip the zipper a few times to work the lubricant in between the teeth or coil.

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