Your jacket has got your back. It follows you on adventures, keeping you warm and dry even through the stormiest weather. So return the favor—keep your jacket healthy and strong by reapplying the DWR (durable water repellent) finish to your jacket. This guide will show you how to test whether your jacket needs to be treated and how to treat it. You'll want to start with a clean jacket. Dirt, oil and use can wear the DWR finish off your jacket, allowing water to penetrate into the fabric. Fortunately, reapplying a DWR finish is easy. A trip through the wash is all it takes to give your jacket new life—making it ready for rain or shine.



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  1. Lay your jacket on a table or flat surface.
    • Lay your jacket on a table or flat surface.

    • Spray the jacket with water.

  2. Observe the water.
    • Observe the water.

    • If the water sinks in and absorbs into the material, your jacket is "wetting out" and needs to have the durable water repellent finish reapplied.

    • If the water beads up, staying on the outside of the garment like dew drops, your jacket does not need to have the durable water repellent finish reapplied.

      • Water droplets should roll right off of the jacket when you pick it up.

    • Zip up all the zippers on your jacket.

    • Place your jacket into the washer.

    • Add durable water repellency treatment to the wash, following the instructions on the bottle.

    • Set the load size to small.

    • Set the water temperature to warm/cold.

    • Run the washer on a normal cycle setting.

    • When the cycle is finished, run the washer on the rinse setting.

    • Take the jacket out of the washer.

    • Place the jacket in the dryer.

    • Set the dryer to a normal heat setting.

      • Be sure your dryer is on a tumble setting if your normal cycle does not tumble the clothes.

      • If you don't have a dryer, use an iron on a low setting to heat-set the water repellency treatment.

    • Start the dryer.

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