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How to Reset the SMC on MacBooks

    • These MacBooks have a T2 security chip:

    • MacBook Air introduced in 2018 or later

    • MacBook Pro introduced in 2018 or later

    • If it has a T2 chip you can reset the SMC as follows (if not, skip this step):

    • Hold the "Control" and "Option" (Alt) on the left side of your keyboard and the "Shift" on the right side of your keyboard for 7 seconds.

    • Then additionally press and hold the power button and keep holding all four keys for another 7 seconds, then release them.

    • Press the power button after few seconds to turn on your MacBook.

    • These models have a non-removable battery (per Apple definition):

    • MacBook Pro (Early 2009) and later

    • all models of MacBook Air

    • MacBook (Late 2009)

    • MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015) and later

    • Proceed with the next step to reset your SMC.

    • For other models skip this and the next step.

    • Shut down your Mac.

    • Unplug the MagSafe or USB-C power adapter from your computer.

    • Using the built-in keyboard, press Shift-Control-Option on the left side of the keyboard, then press the power button at the same time. Hold these keys and the power button for 10 seconds.

    • Release all keys.

    • Reconnect the power adapter.

    • Press the power button again to turn on your Mac.

    • Shut down your Mac.

    • Disconnect the MagSafe power adapter from your computer.

    • Remove the battery.

    • Press and hold the power button for 15 seconds.

    • Reconnect the battery and MagSafe power adapter.

    • Press the power button to turn on your Mac.

    • The LED on the MagSafe power adapter might change colors or temporarily turn off when you reset the SMC.


The SMC of your MacBook has now been reset.

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Il mio MacBook Pro 2019 nuovo di 3 mesi non vuole accendersi.

Ieri sera con la batteria 1% ho spento il mac. Stamattina non vuole avviarsi, non da segni di vita.

Il mac fa solo un suono quando attacco il caricatore, poi nulla. Dopo 2 ore in carica niente.

Cosa mi consigliate?


Mario Scotti - Ответить

merci ! fonctionne parfaitement depuis ?

David Derisoud - Ответить

Mahalo, mikeyd123!
I just purchased a refurbished MBP 15 (11,5) mid-2015 Retina, macOS 12.2.1, and was having an issue with the fan running non-stop, from boot-up to shut-down. Resetting the SMC seems to have addressed the fan issue. Hopefully there are no thermal issues. If there are, iʻll check back in.

Kahana - Ответить

I have this same model and am

Having the same issue but I can’t figure out which sequence of buttons! Please advise!

Gerene Townsend -

I followed the reset instructions for my MacBook Retina 2017 (A1534) but now I get a Recovery Assistant & I'm asked to rest my password. I don't need to reset my password, I just want to reset to factory settings because a new owner will use this MacBook.

Ivana Sifuentes - Ответить

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