If your jacket could talk, it would most likely have some pretty good stories. It would also probably ask you for an occasional bath. Washing your waterproof jacket is one of the best ways to increase its performance and longevity. There are no set rules as to when you should wash your jacket, but there are a few signs that the time has come: wetting out (no longer water repellent), stained cuffs or collar, or downright dirtiness! Washing your jacket is simple and will help your jacket to keep all your stories and secrets for another time.

  1. Inspect the damage.
    • Inspect the damage.

    • Brush off any loose dirt or debris.

    • If you've got a particularly stubborn stain, check out Patagonia's Product Care guide.

  2. Zip the main zipper of the jacket all the way up.
    • Zip the main zipper of the jacket all the way up.

    • Loosen any drawstrings and undo any cuffs.

    • Unzip the pocket zippers.

    • Now is a good time to pull any hidden treasures out of your pockets.

    • Place your jacket in the washing machine.

    • Add laundry soap.

      • You can use soap specifically formulated to clean waterproof clothing or gentle nondetergent laundry soap.

      • Do not use soap containing bleach, fabric softeners, enzymes, stain removers, perfumes or whiteners.

    • Set the load size to small.

    • Set the water temperature to warm/cold.

    • Run the washer on a regular or permanent press cycle setting.

    • Once the cycle is completed, run the washer again on the rinse cycle to flush any remaining soap out of the jacket.

    • Take your jacket out of the washer.

    • Inspect your jacket.

      • If it looks clean and residue-free, go ahead and follow our guide to dry your jacket.

      • If your jacket looks or feels funny, place it back in the washer and run another rinse cycle.

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