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The blown element stops the toaster working, but the wires can be rejoined over the blown section, with very little detrimental effect. See this fix in this video guide


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    • Insert wisdom here.

    Thanks for this video, which helped a lot in repairing my toaster!

    In the end I found that rather than twisting the two broken ends of the element together a neater fix was to simply cut far enough to make enough ‘extra’ element to overlap as far as the holding strip (and a bit beyond). Overlap by sliding one end in the opposite direction to the other under the nearest existing vertical strip (the strips that are there to keep the element in place.) This was enough to keep them in contact in my toaster without creating a ‘knot’, and is almost an invisible fix.

    Hope this comment helps someone else. Thanks again for this great site.

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    • how to fix a toaster


Not too difficult, you need patience though.

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this solution worked great for a bout a two weeks, then despite having connectivity in the ribbon, it does not heat up. It sounded like you weren’t expecting your solution to work forever. Did it give out on you after a little bit because of the increased resistance and the crimp?

mitchell.drury - Ответить

Mine is still working even after all this time (over 2 years ago). If your heater element is still connected (low resistance) then the fault is somewhere else. Trace the resistance of connections back through the switch to the plug to find the fault.

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