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This is an advanced repair, requiring specialized skills and equipment. This video does not include disassembly or reassembly steps.

    • In this tutorial you will learn how to resolve the matter with the boot problem in an iPhone 7 [stuck on the apple logo]. In case of troubles just ask!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Was the circuit changed? or was it done reballing?

Fabio Junior - Ответить

Thanks for your interest :) Chip replacement with reballing.

Alex Sander -

What is the name of this compononte?

Where do I meet for purchase?

Fabio Junior - Ответить

You need to get it from the another motherboard.

Alex Sander -

What exactly did you do? Just heat up that goddamned blue thing?

Alex Gray - Ответить

It is called the reflow, you need to restore the proper connection between the chip and the motherboard.

Alex Sander -

My iPhone 7 is rebooting on Apple logo. If I remove this IC it is turning on. If put it again, the same rebooting.

Alex - Ответить

Hello, which IC are you removing in order to let your phone starting? Thank you.

Florian -

Hi, so was you heat the specific components or you have replaced it with another one components from another logic board.

Valerio Raso - Ответить

No, recalling involves heating up the solder just to the point where it melts. Once the solder cools back down It makes a better connection than before, therefor it is called “recalling” and not replacement.

Robert Garner -

I have an iPhone 7. before 6 months I put on the update whereas putting on the charger and went for the work. when I return home my phone was off . then I tried to on the phone then the notification was connected to iTunes. then I connected to 3u tools and did iTunes flash that was failed because of error code 10 . can you please find the solution for this issue?

Ahamed Afridi - Ответить

Is it okay if I replace the complete logic board with a new one? What else I need to replace to make it 100% functional.

montyatan - Ответить


my Iphone 7 storage was full, and when opening any app it close directly and any try to delete data to make some had failed so I tried to shutdown the phone, when I tried to power it up again it stuck on apple logo, so i connected the phone to itunes and tried to update it, in the middle of the process itunes gave me unknown error 14, and then the phone stuck on recovery mode.

any idea to fix the problem without losing any data? would this method fix the issue? and would some applications like dr. fone fix it without any data loss?

(battery health is 76%)

thank you in advance.

leo - Ответить

the downloaded software is IOS 13

leo -

how to set a hot air gun iphone board??

ABUTHAHIR - Ответить

what if my home button doesn’t work while my phone is stuck on apple logo?

Amarilis Garcia - Ответить

hi..what is this IC name? it is in which ciruit?

martin newton - Ответить

Thank you.. worked perfectly.

Seraphim - Ответить

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