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Microsoldering technique for replacing a faulty IC to restore touch functionality in the iPhone 6.



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    • In this tutorial you will learn how to resolve hardware touch issue in an iPhone 6 smartphone. In case of any troubles contac me through the comments.

    Nothing about the M1 jumper… some details really lacking.

    Mike Moran - Ответить

    I love how Eastern European people don't just throw away malfunctioning items, but instead repair them properly.

    pat - Ответить


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do you change that ic with new one?

thanks before

aqsha asri - Ответить

No, I have desoldered the proper chip from the other motherboard. Thanks for your interest and best luck with the repair!

Alex Sander -

Is it a good idea to change the whole screen

michael quartey - Ответить

You are right, but sometimes it won’t work. Especially when it is a hardware issue.

Alex Sander -

? the logic board is not attached to the screen ... it has nothing to do with the screen, it is that - processor where one of the soldering points is not making contact and the tutorial shows just reheating to the point the soldering melts again and the crack or whatever that makes the connexion is broken gets fixed again, right?

Sven AERTS -

queria o esquema eletrico do iphone 6 G, pois tenho 7 trilhas rompidas e preciso saber como ajeitar!! vcs tem o esquema?

se tiver pfv entre em contato… gmail; rafaelamorais012@gmail.com

Rafaela Morais - Ответить

Please translate your comment to english, thanks :-)

Alex Sander -

hey guys , i have an iphone 6 , my issue is a bit complicated. my iphone screen works like 70 percent of the screen . the screen left side doest respond to touch . i have changed displays but the same issue remains

Amaan Liaqat - Ответить

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