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The replacement part is composed of volume buttons and power button.

This repair guide shows you how to replace the broken or ineffective volume buttons and power button flex cable of your LG V10.

If the power button flex has a poor contact with your phone, failures will occur when you power on or restart your phone.

And if the volume buttons got cracked, deformed or broken, volume adjustment will become abnormal.

DIY to solve these problems following this repair guide. We will upload other repair guide of LG V10 as soon as possible. Tell us which part of LG V10 you want to repair at comments section.



Step1 Remove battery cover and battery;

Step2 Pry off the back frame;

Step3 Pry off the broken volume & power button flex;

Step4 Install a new button flex;

step5 Install the back frame;

Step6 Test the new button flex;

Step7 Put back the battery cover.

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