This will teach you how to remove the capacitor in your Kodak EasyShare LS743.


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Open the battery cover.
  • Open the battery cover.

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Slide the orange latch sideways to eject the battery.
  • Slide the orange latch sideways to eject the battery.

  • Remove the battery.

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  • Remove 7 screws.

    • 1 (6.25 mm) screw located on the top right corner, next to the view screen.

    • 4 (4.45mm) screws on the bottom of the camera.

    • 2 (2.95mm) screws on the left side of the camera.

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  • There will be 2 (5.39mm) screws. Remove the screws in order to remove the lanyard.

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  • Remove the rear camera casing.

  • Remove the front casing.

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  • The capacitor can store electricity even when the camera is off! Do not touch it until you have safely discharged it.

  • Connect the two capacitor wires briefly with a pair of metal tweezers to discharge it. You may see a small spark.

  • Remove 8 screws.

    • 2 screws in the front (2X 4.31mm).

    • 2 screws on the bottom (2X3.30MM).

    • 4 screws in the back (3x 3.33mm, and 1x 4.34mm).

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  • Remove and set aside the tripod mount.

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  • Pull the black latch outward slightly to release the flex cable.

  • Carefully disconnect the orange flex cable.

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  • Desolder both wires and remove them.

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  • Remove the capacitor (attached by adhesive) and desolder.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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