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    • Work your way around tablet poping the clips loose

    • Carefully pry up on battery cable

    • Not sure you have to remove this cable but better safe than sorry.

    • Carefully separate the Digitalizer screen from the frame be careful of the camera.

    • Remove the screen from the top this will allow the display cable to pop loose from the back of the screen.

    • The cleaner you frame is the better the new screen sticks.

    • Use thinker tape on top and bottom and thinner tape on sides. Be careful not to cover camera and light censer at the top.

    • Insert screen into frame and slowly work around edges to seal new screen in place.

    • Set the screen back into the case and snap back into place


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I need more guidance, possibly with pictures, on how and where to unclip the frame from the screen. I already removed the back cover but cannot go further without knowing where and how to unclip the frame from the screen. Thank you.

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It is not held on by clips it is held on by a very strong adhisive, You will need to heat the screen to loosen the adhisive. I would used a deck of playing cards to break the adhisive. In the video. you will see we used a opening tool wich is not recomended unless you have done alot of them. The tablet in the video had already been opened once is why it opened as easy as it did. you will also need double sided tape or adhisive that is ment for screen repair to reseat the screen.

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Hi. My LG GPad F 8.0 v495 tablet leaks a sticky substance in the area of the plug. I can clean it with an alcohol/water mix on a paper towel, but it comes back. The tablet still works, but it the sticky substance gets on the charger plug and is unacceptable. Have you ever dealt with this type of problem? Do you think it might be the battery or something else? Thanks! Kay

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