This guide will show you how to remove the fingerprint reader.


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  1. Start by flipping the device over so that you see the screws.
    • Start by flipping the device over so that you see the screws.

    • Remove 7 Torx T5 short screws.

    • Remove 3 Torx T5 long screws.

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    • starting from the USB port use your opening tool to gently pry up the case.

      • Make sure you are prying on the cover itself, not the metal shield around the USB port.

    • Pry along the laptop in the orders the arrows show.

      • Do NOT pry along the top side, or you risk damaging the casing. Stay with the arrows.

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    • Lift the case from the bottom side. NOT the side with the hinges.

      • When you feel resistance, do NOT keep lifting or you will damage the housing.

    • Once you feel resistance, gently pull the case towards you. (away from the hinges.)

    • Remove the case.

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    • This is the battery. For guides that are for other parts, the battery is removed for the reason of it being a pain to connect or disconnect while screwed in.

      • Be careful not to short anything on the motherboard, as the battery cannot be disconnected before removal.

    • Remove 4 J1 Philips screws.

    • Remove 1 J1 philips screw

      • Do not mix these screws up, as if you put the longer screw where the shorter screw belongs, you will damage the shield around the keyboard.

    • slightly lift the battery using your plastic opening tool.

      • Do not lift the battery out all the way, as it is still connected to the motherboard.

      • Do NOT puncture or deform the battery or it may catch fire or even explode.

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    • Pull the battery towards you until the wire is accessible.

    • gently tug and wiggle on the wire until it pops out.

    • Remove the battery.

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    • Disconnect the speakers.

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    • Remove the left speaker.

    • Remove the Adhesive.

      • Use this pull tab to remove it.

    • Remove the right speaker,

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    • Using a spudger, lift up on the black connector of the ZIF socket on the end of the ribbon cable connecting to the fingerprint reader.

      • Be sure to make sure your pulling up the tab, not the socket! if you pull the socket you will damage the motherboard. You can check how to disconnect the cable using this guide.

    • Disconnect the cable from the socket.

    • Remove 1 JIS1 screw securing the bracket in place.

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    • Remove the bracket,

    • Remove the fingerprint reader.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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