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  1. Turn the keyboard over so the back is facing up.
    • Turn the keyboard over so the back is facing up.

    • Remove the 4 rubbers hiding 4 screws

    • Unscrew the 8 visible screws

    • Unclip the two plastic side of the keyboard

    • Careful the maximum opening distance range is limited by an internal connection. Open gently.

    • Unplug the connection avoid the separation of the two plastic parts.

    • Unplug the battery connector from the base side

    • You can now separate the two part of the keyboard

    • Repair the soldering of the micro USB connector

    • Plug the battery connector

    • Plug the connection from the upper part of the keyboard

    • Reassemble both keyboard parts

    • Clip them together

    • Screw in the 8 screws

    • Stick the 4 rubbers at their respective positions


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Repair the welding of the micro usb connector . hi will you please tell me how you soldered it ?

Any help in this will be much appreciated

Healthy & Yummy - Ответить

The micro usb connector is also not a standard size. Explaining how you soldered it back on would be helpful. Mine came loose when I plugged it in but it tore the pads off.

jeff - Ответить

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