The battery is responsible for most of your phone's functions. When the battery malfunctions, the phone may not function properly, and needs to be replaced.


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  1. Pull out the volume keys using the plastic opening tool.
    • Pull out the volume keys using the plastic opening tool.

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  2. Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry off the back case. Make sure to go around the entire perimeter of the case.
    • Use the plastic opening tool to gently pry off the back case. Make sure to go around the entire perimeter of the case.

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    • Use the T5 screw head to unscrew the 9 silver screws from the housing frame.

    • Carefully separate the housing frame from the motherboard.

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    • Carefully use the tweezers to separate the motherboard from the screen.

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    • Carefully peel back the orange adhesive from the battery. Make sure to remove all the adhesive attaching the battery to the motherboard.

    • Use the black triangular tab to pull battery completely off the motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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There are a few things missing from this guide that should be included.

1) In additon to the 9 screws shown there are three more across the top of the housing frame. (Not all these screws are silver on some models.

2) The battery is not glued to the motherboard it is glued to the NFC antenna. Remove with care.

3) Both the antenna jack on the motherboard and the battery jack require the cable plug to pushed straight down.

4) The batteries come with a protective cover over the end of the connector remove before installing.

3) There is a metal strap not shown in the picture across the bottom of the battery that must be popped out. It pops out from one side and the you unhook the other side.

Edward Garner - Ответить

Fantastic, this was very helpful!

Note there are three screws along the top of the housing frame (similar to the three on the bottom) and one gold screw near the camera.

There are also two screws under the housing frame holding the motherboard down.

David Gianforte - Ответить

Thanks so much to the author and the first 2 commentators. All 3 helped make my 1st intricate repair a success! Along with a mini tool kit for cell phones. I like picture/text better than video. Thanks again. Danny North

Danny North - Ответить

The black screws can be difficult: I found a 1.5mm flat head was the only way to unscrew some of them- the torx T5 did not seem to bite.

Luc Morton - Ответить

Also... there are 2 large headed silver screws that need to be removed to tip up the motherboard to access the battery connector-The motherboard does not need to be removed- just tipped up to get at the connector. Also there is a brass colored screw that needs to come off with the first black and silver screws, or the frame can not be removed.

Luc Morton - Ответить

I finished everything, but now my screen won't turn on, and my phone keeps vibrating ever 10 seconds. What did I do wrong?

Kareem Azer - Ответить

Everything works except now my headphone jack doesn't work. I see when I take it apart again that there is a flex cable that needs to either touch or attach to the motherboard. Which is it? Does it need to 'snap on' like the other flex cables? It is in a nearly impossible location to reach. Thanks!

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