Replace a cracked or broken camera cover with a shiny new one.


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  1. Insert a plastic opening tool between the back cover and rear case at the lower left edge of the back cover.
    • Insert a plastic opening tool between the back cover and rear case at the lower left edge of the back cover.

    • Pry the back cover up with the plastic opening tool to free the plastic clips.

    • Continue prying along the left edge of the back cover towards the top of the phone.

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  2. Work the plastic opening tool across the top of the back case to free the plastic clips.
    • Work the plastic opening tool across the top of the back case to free the plastic clips.

    • The top edge of the back case is very thin. Pry carefully to avoid cracking or snapping it.

    • Continue prying down the right side of the back cover to free the remaining clips.

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    • Pull the back cover away from the phone to remove it.

    • The back cover is attached to the battery with a generous amount of adhesive, so you may have to use quite a bit of force to separate the two pieces.

      • The battery must remain in the phone and not come off with the back cover or you will break the power lead.

    • Since the back cover is made of Kevlar, it can handle a fair amount of twisting and tugging without breaking.

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    • Use the tip of a spudger to lift up the red silicone cover over the battery terminal screws and remove it.

    I did this repair on a Droid Razr model xt912. My version has a plastic shield over the battery connectors; the shield is part of the rear case, so I had to do steps 6-9 before I could do steps 4 and 5.

    kpnine - Ответить

    Thank you so much for this comment - saved me a lot of confusion.

    Also noted that not all screws were the same as noted. I was just careful and made sure they bit fit before torking.

    Matt Madsen -

    What are steps 6-9? This article store at step 5. The terminals on my phone are covered too and it's not obvious how it is removed.

    ronsutton1957 -

    Excellent guide, but it forgot to include that you need to get double sided adhesive to replace the old adhesive. Maybe its implied? Anyways I got mine from here: http://www.repairsuniverse.com/3m-double...

    derekz732 - Ответить

    Step 1 should be to remove the case screws. No way your removal tool will get the back off with the screws still on.

    Mine was on too tight to pry off. Even with small screwdrivers I was unable to get the case opened up all they way around without bending the edge metal out of shape (which is the reason for a plastic tool).

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    If you have the wireless charging coil installed, you can forget the adhesive back.

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    • Remove the two 3.3 mm T5 Torx battery terminal screws.

    • Grab the blue battery removal tab and lift the battery out to remove it.

    • There is quite a bit of adhesive securing the battery to the motherboard. Work slowly to avoid deforming the battery.

    • Your phone will have a number of metal EMI shields on the motherboard, rather than the bare ICs seen here.

    Very helpful, but I needed to remove the frame around the battery before I could actually get the battery out. No big deal, just a few more screws. Thanks.

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    That’s actually pretty vital to the whole removal process.


    • Use a heat gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive underneath the camera cover.

      • The following steps were performed without the use of a heat gun. Notice that the camera cover cracks very easily if you do not heat the adhesive that holds it in place.

    • Gently pry up the bottom edge of the camera cover with a plastic opening tool.

    • Carefully slide the plastic opening tool across the bottom edge to free it from the adhesive.

    • Continue to use the heat gun as needed to soften the adhesive as you remove the camera cover.

    Is it really necessary to remove the camera cover to replace the display assembly??? Reviewing the rest of the steps to the display, I could see no reson to remove the camera cover. Of course I've not begun my own disassembly yet, but when I do I'll see if the camera cover can be left in place and let you know how it goes.

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    Yes. Check the step 8. The camera cover hide one T3 torx screw.

    Enrique Ballarin -

    • Insert the plastic opening tool underneath the top edge of the camera cover.

    • Gently pry the camera cover up as you slide the plastic opening tool across the top edge to free it from the adhesive.

    • Remove the camera cover.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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