This guide details the process of removing the camera from an Motorola Triumph. Installation of the camera can be accomplished by reversing the process.


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  1. Slide the back cover down.
    • Slide the back cover down.

    • Lift the back cover up.

    • Pry the battery out with the spudger

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  2. Pry the battery out using the spudger
    • Pry the battery out using the spudger

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    • After removing the Battery remove the two screws with a T4 screwdriver.

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    • With the spudger, go around the seam of the phone and pry away the back chassis.

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    • Using the T5 screwdriver, remove all the four screws shown in the picture.

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    • Lift up the motherboard out of the device,

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    • Pry the speakers out using the plastic spudger.

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    • Locate the camera at the top of the motherboard.

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    • Use the the spudger to unclip the connector above the camera.

    • Remove the camera.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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