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    • Ensure your device is powered off before proceeding. Failure to do so may result in electrical shock or damage to the device.

    • Place the 3DS upside down. Remove the game card, headphones, charging cable, stylus, or anything else that may be connected to the device.

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    • Using a JIS #0 screwdriver, loosen the two black screws on the back.

    • The screws are held in place by captive washers and should not be completely removed.

    My experience indicates that a JIS #1 is more appropriate here.

    John Menden - Ответить

    Same here, much more appropriate.

    Jack Wilson -

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    • Once the screws are loosened, pry open the back cover.

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    • The battery is located on the left hand side of the 3DS - to remove, use the small gap located at the top-middle and pull up with a pointed tool.

    Also you should remove any SD card at this point

    James Grant - Ответить

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    • Remove six 6mm screws on secondary panel using a JIS #000 screwdriver.

    the heck. on step 5 im using the 000 screwdriver from the kit and i am destroying the screw, yes going counter clockwise.

    the j000 and 000 don't work. im using the toolkit from your site and i don't see a JIS #000 just J000 and 000

    edit: so the j00 works.

    stephankranenfeld - Ответить

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    : step 6, image 1 of 2 : step 6, image 2 of 2
    • Remove two upper rubber bumpers locates on either side of the charging port.

    • Using JIS #00 screwdriver, carefully remove the two 6mm screws that have now been exposed.

    A #0 worked better for me than the #00

    Lucas M - Ответить

    All 8 screws from Step 5 to 6 are the same size and should be pulled out using a #000 screwdriver.

    Alan Chen - Ответить

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    • To pry off the cover, carefully lift it up and away from the hinges (in order to clear the headphone port), then pivot it towards the hinges to expose the circuit boards.

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    • Use non-conductive tweezers to disconnect the two ribbon plugs that connect the L/R/ZL/ZR buttons on the cover to the motherboard, then remove it completely.

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    • Locate the ribbon connector between the motherboard and the left circuit board (it should be the widest) and use a pair of tweezers to pivot up the ZIF clasp upward.

    • The ribbon can be removed using non-conductive tweezers by pulling out parallel with the board.

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    • Next, locate the five 3mm screws on the left board and remove them using a JIS #000 screwdriver.

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    • Carefully flip the board over and use tweezers to remove the blue-black ribbon located underneath.

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    • Remove the gray rubber diamond to reveal the A/B/X/Y buttons and/or the rubber rectangle to reveal the Start/Select button.

    • Remove the buttons using tweezers.

    • When replacing, be sure to check that each button is placed back and is snugly fit into the appropriate hole before reassembling the device.

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do the smaller new 3ds colored buttons work in the new 3ds xl?

itsandy14 - Ответить

It will work, since the only difference between them is the size of screen and shell, but size of buttons and other pieces should be of the same.

CheatJoker -

If anyone else comes on this, I can confirm the small 3ds buttons do not quite work right they are slightly smaller and the cut outs that keep the buttons from spinning around are not the same

Mark Damien English -

Can someone provide further information about replacement of the entire C stick?

Or is it just as simple as pull the ribbon carefully, take the old one out and put the new one in?

CheatJoker - Ответить

The set of screws on the secondary panel are giving me trouble. I think I might be stripping them... Is it normal for them to be screwed on so tight? I don't want to pay 85 bucks just because I need to press my B button harder to make it work...

Ben Fuqua - Ответить

One of the screw of the second set was also giving me trouble. Just press firmly and turn very slowly. As they are not supposed to be touched by the consumer, I suspect they put a kind of sealant to make them harder to unscrew.

Alex Lebeau -

One thing to note is that the kit that I received from ifixit had the c-stick nub attached to the board. As such, you'll want to remove the c-stick instead of disconnecting the ribbon.

Jason Thompson - Ответить

Would be cool to provide in every section a place where users can offer a paid service to repair devices other users are afraid to repair.

theoctopusride - Ответить

Does annyone know what is wrong with my new 3ds xl... So all buttons work fine BUT the a button needs alot of pressure to work. Tried to clean it but idk still needs way more pressure than the rest…

TMHate MK - Ответить

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