This repair is very easy; all you need is a T5 Torx Screwdriver, and a new Digitizer Glass & Frame Assebly - it's better to order it with the Front Frame as well, as it makes repairing a lot simpler, and will give your phone a new look and feel.

  1. The first thing you'll need is a Nokia Lumia 610 with a broken front glass
    • The first thing you'll need is a Nokia Lumia 610 with a broken front glass

  2. Slide the back cover off, and remove the battery
    • Slide the back cover off, and remove the battery

    • There are 8 Torx 5 screws you have to remove, 4 on each side

    • After removing all 8 screws, proceed to prying off the back cover

    • This is done very easily, by prying it from the 3 grooves depicted

    • This step might also be done using your nails, as the clips are not strong at all

    • Watch out - the buttons easily fall out; just make sure you don't loose any, a'aight ?!

    • Lift the back cover up, and pull it back - most likely, the 2 sided tape sealing the camera module will be the last thing to break loose

    • Make sure you stick it back to the rear case assembly after this step

    • Disconnect the 2 ribbon cables connecting the LCD & Digitizer to the motherboard

    • Now to separate the Motherboard from the front assembly !

    • Gently pry on the 2 hooks depicted in the picture to release the motherboard

    • Again - using your nails should be just fine !

    • Lift the motherboard up from the back, and pull it backwards

    • Apply the same motion as with the back casing

    • You should now have separated the motherboard from the LCD/Digitizer Assembly

    • To detach the LCD, gently lift it from the sides - be careful, and don't pull too hard on the ribbon cable !

    • It's secured in with pretty weak double-sided tape, so this step shouldn't be a problem

    • Remove the ear-piece speaker from the Digitizer Assembly

    • It's held in by - again - pretty weak double-sided tape

    • 2nd picture gives you a look of the front of the speaker unit - it's pretty hard to damage the membrane - though, you can never be too careful !

    • Something very easy to forget - remove the tiny rubber gasket for the microphone, and place it in the new front panel

    • To put everything back together, just follow the same steps backward, and you should have yourself a good-as-new Nokia Lumia 610

    • The last step in this guide - is trying not to break it again :)


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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