Don't forget to turn off the phone first.

When you disconnect the digitizer there is a rev number

it only works with the same rev

for example rev 1.3


Никакие детали не требуются.

Open cover
  • Open cover

  • Take out battery

  • Take out the sim card-tray

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4 x t5 screws
  • 4 x t5 screws

  • 2x t5 screws (slightly shorter than the top and bottom scres).

Just a short note:

There are two different kinds of those T5 screws in your Lumia.

Remember that when reassembling your phone!

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  • Disconnect connectors

    • Digitizer

    • LCD

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  • Remove main board

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  • Open the 6 clips

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  • Remove

    • Speaker

    • Front camera

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  • Remove Lcd from digitizer

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  • You are ready

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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