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Parts Support Flow

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    • Step 1. Identify the make model and serial number on the equipment being serviced.

    • Step 2. Research via IFIXIT>>HDES

    • Step3. Contact your Sr. FSP. If unavailable, contact your RESM.

    • Step 4. If additional help is needed, email The Parts Help Desk at HDESParts@homedepot.com . In the subject line write Parts Help Desk. In the body of the email must include information in step 1. Attach photo of parts needed. If possible include any numbers off part needed.

    • Step 5. If no reply is given within 15 minutes, contact RESM for further direction.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I need some part 's G4 300 PC.

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I do not have any H-frames in my inventory , need to adjust inventory

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