Patagonia Nano Puff ® Jackets have a wonderfully soft feel and a pampering warmth which means we want to wear them for everything we do. Unfortunately, sometimes they get ripped or torn by a sharp object like snowboard edges or gnarly brush. While patching your jacket with repair tape will hold for a while, and is a great way to repair when you’re on-the-fly, eventually you’ll want to put a real patch on the jacket. For details on patching a Patagonia down jacket check out our Baffle Repair Guide.

For replacement parts or further assistance, contact Patagonia Customer Service.


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  1. Inspect the damage on your jacket. Clip any dangling threads or fabric using small scissors.
    • Inspect the damage on your jacket. Clip any dangling threads or fabric using small scissors.

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  2. Grab your repair tape.
    • Grab your repair tape.

    • Flip the repair tape to the back side.

    • Using a permanent marker, draw an oval slightly larger than the hole.

      • If you have a wide hole, you can use a rectangle, but be sure to round the edges. Rounding the edges prevents the corners from getting caught and peeling up.

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    • Cut out your shape using scissors.

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    • Using your fingernail, or a pin, peel the backing off the tenacious tape, so that you only have the clear sticky layer.

    • Be sure not to touch the sticky side of the tape as this will gum up the tape and it won’t stick well.

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    • Lay the tape over the hole and press the tape down with your finger.

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    • Use a fingernail or spudger to work out all of the air bubbles under the tape. Continue rubbing the tape until it is well-adhered.

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I followed this tutorial and used Tenacious tape by Gear Aid because it claims to not leave a residue behind if removed. That was a bad idea. I am now ready to upgrade this patch to a sewn one and removing the tape is absolutely leaving behind a residue. Really annoyed right now.

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