This guide takes you through the process of installing the right shoulder button.

  1. Power off and remove the memory card.
    • Power off and remove the memory card.

    • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the four 6.4mm screws on the back casing.

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  2. Using your fingernail or a spudger, pry open the accessory port cover on the top of the device.
    • Using your fingernail or a spudger, pry open the accessory port cover on the top of the device.

    • Using a Phillips #00 screwdriver, remove the two 5.4mm screws hidden beneath the accessory port cover.

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    • Remove the two 5.4mm Phillips #00 screws on the bottom of the device near the charging port.

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    • Beginning at the sides of the device, use a plastic opening tool to separate the front and rear cases.

    • Continue working your way around the device gently prying it open.

    • There are still wires holding the front and rear cases together. You may damage the connections if you yank the cases completely apart.

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    • Gently separate the two cases, minding the battery and the touch screen controller connectors holding the two cases together.

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    • Using a spudger, free the touch screen controller flex cable by gently prying up the connection.

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    • Free the battery cable by gently prying up on the connection with a spudger.

    Any idea what type of pcb header is on the board for the battery? I have a motherboard with a broken header but I cant source a replacement

    Jimbo Jones - Ответить

    This is where I screwed up so I recommend extra caution for other newbies. Only the black part is supposed to come off. Don't be an idiot like me and pry off too much...

    ylimakiminna - Ответить

    Yea I messed up there too. Is there a way to fix it?

    Alethia Henry - Ответить

    • Separate the front and rear cases.

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    • Using the pointy end of the spudger, disconnect the three antenna cable connectors on top of the wireless card.

    • Deroute the antenna cables so that they are out of the wireless card casing. Rest the wires out of the way.

    Step 9-11 only apply to the 3G version of the PS Vita.

    logicj83 - Ответить

    Hello, I have the PCH-2001 model of the PS vita and the right analog stick went out. I ordered a replacement and the stick is slightly larger than the original. The original has a black rectangle on the back, the new version has the star version, which is what you have on this website as the replacement part. Any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Ben Ragains - Ответить

    • Hook the spudger beneath the tab on the wireless card casing and release the tab.

    • Peel up and remove the wireless card casing.

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    • Remove the two 4.4mm Phillips #00 screws on the wireless card.

    • The wireless card will naturally pop out at an angle.

    • Pull out the wireless card.

    My screwdriver does not want to unscrew those. They won’t turn at all.

    Chikoa Anwan - Ответить

    • Pry up the right shoulder button casing with a spudger and set it aside.

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    • Remove the translucent, plastic right shoulder button cover.

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    • Release the right shoulder button flex cable socket by using a spudger to gently pry open the tab.

    • Using tweezers, slide the flex cable out of the socket.

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    • Using a spudger, gently peel up the right shoulder button from the light adhesive connecting it to casing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Is anyone else experiencing the button getting stuck?

Arbo TM - Ответить

Yes, mine is getting stuck, too. I am hoping a replacement will solve this problem.

aseelau -

Has anyone experienced or seen an issue where the trigger button acts with the same functionality as the home button. Every time I press the right trigger it exits to home or exits the game.....help please

Daniel - Ответить

I followed this guide on my 3G vita in order to replace the right trigger cable. I found it wasn't necessary to remove the wireless card if anyone else finds that part tricky.

Caleb - Ответить

i am replacing the whole front part of my vita do to screen cracked and wont turn on, when i put the button back on, how would i do so to make it stick back on? would i need to reglue it or will it stick back on by itself?

Saul Calderon - Ответить

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