This guide explains how to take apart the Sony PlayStation 3 optical drive. These steps are useful for repairing or replacing the optical drive.

  1. Remove the rubber screw cover near the hard drive cover with a spudger.
    • Remove the rubber screw cover near the hard drive cover with a spudger.

  2. Remove the screw holding the top cover in place with a Torx T10 screwdriver.
    • Remove the screw holding the top cover in place with a Torx T10 screwdriver.

    • Slide the top cover down about half an inch.

    • Lift the cover off of the PS3.

    • Remove the seven screws in the top cover with a Phillips #2 screwdriver.

    • One of the screws is shorter than the others. The short screw is marked in yellow.

    • You can now lift off the top cover.

    • Lift the optical drive enclosure and disconnect the grey wires.

      • Do not lift it too far up before disconnecting the wires.

    • Tilt the front of the optical drive enslosure upwards.

    • Lift the black ribbon cable latch on the back side with your finger or a spudger.

    • Disconnect the ribbon cable.

    • Remove the optical drive enclosure from the PS3.

    • Flip over the optical drive enclosure. There are four ribbon cables connected to the circuit board. Using a spudger or your finger, lift each ribbon cable latch and disconnect each ribbon cable.

    • Remove the three screws on the board with a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

    • Remove the two silver screws on the bottom of the case. These screws are different from the ones on the board and should be kept separate.

      • Note: The longer of these two screws holds down a metal tab that comes loose as seen in the third picture.

    • Using your thumbs, carefully bend out the sides of the metal enclosure.

    • Lift the plastic enclosure out of the metal enclosure.

    • Flip over the enclosure so that the circuit board is on the bottom and the optical sensor is on top.

    • Remove the screw on the optical sensor using a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

    • Remove the tape on the red and black wires that connect to the optical sensor. With the wires still attached, take the sensor off the ensclosure.

      • The wires on the optical sensor are very weak. They will break easily if excessive force is applied to them.

    • Remove the four black screws on the edges of the enclosure using a Phillips #00 screwdriver.

      • After taking out the screws, you don't have to open the enclosure just yet.

    • Flip over the enclosure again.

    • Remove the rest of the screws in the corners of the circuit board.

    • Lift the circuit board off the enclosure.

      • The metal EM shield on the circuit board is loose, so make sure to keep it together with the circuit board.

    • Remove the metal plate.

    • Flip over the enclosure. Remove the black, plastic cover so that the drive and its enclosure match the first picture.

      • Proceed carefully. There are loose parts inside the optical drive. We recommend that you tape these parts.

    • Using a spudger, lift the brown latch and disconnect the small ribbon cable.

    • Remove the four fat screws in the corners of the optical drive.

    • Using a spudger, lift the black latch and disconnect the larger ribbon cable.

    • Carefully lift the optical drive out of the enclosure.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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When reassembling it there is a key part that needs to be exactly inline. see this video for help:

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