The 56k internal modem is attached to the optical drive and standard on all models.

  1. Locate the battery release tab on the underside of the G4.
    • Locate the battery release tab on the underside of the G4.

    • Slide the battery release tab to the left and lift the battery out of the computer.

  2. Remove the seven T8 Torx screws from the lower case.
    • Remove the seven T8 Torx screws from the lower case.

    • Using your thumbs, slide the lower case toward the front of the computer.

    • The lower case may stick in the front on a tab just above the center of the optical drive. Be careful as you work the case off, or you may break the thin strip of plastic just above the drive.

    • Lift the lower case off.

    • Firmly grasp the plastic tab attached to the Airport card and pull up and to the left.

    • Disconnect the antenna cable from the left side of the Airport card.

    • Disconnect the hard drive ribbon from the logic board using a spudger or the tip of your finger.

    • To free the hard drive, remove the two T8 Torx screws from the right wall of the battery housing.

    • Remove the hard drive by lifting the left edge up and out of the computer.

    • There are four rubber bumpers that fit over the hard drive screws. Ensure that these bumpers come out when you remove the hard drive.

    • Your laptop should look approximately like this.

    • Disconnect and remove the indicated orange ribbon cable.

    • Disconnect the pink and white inverter cable from the inverter board.

    • The display inverter has orange plastic shielding around it that looks similar to the tape used elsewhere within the computer. Do not remove the shielding from the inverter.

    • Remove the two silver T8 Torx screws from the black plastic bar.

    • Lift the black plastic bar out.

    • Reassembly will be significantly easier if you reseat the hard drive before returning the black bar to its place.

    • Disconnect the two orange connectors from the logic board, removing tape as necessary.

    • Lift the drive up on the right side so that you can access and disconnect the modem cable and inverter cable.

    • Remove the drive by lifting the right edge up and out of the computer.

    • Remove the two T6 Torx screws from the modem.

    • Lift the modem off the optical drive, carefully guiding the orange ribbon cable through the space in the drive mount.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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