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    • Your screen is cracked. That's too bad! Let's get started.

    • Using a credit card that you don't care for (We used an old Hotel key card), work the edge of the bezel off the screen.

    • This will take time, as this model of laptop not only uses clips, but double-sided tape to keep the bezel in place. Excessive force may be necessary to accomplish this task.

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    • With the bezel removed, there are four screws that keep the main LCD in place. Unlike other models, this hp envy m6-1125dx doesn't use side runners to connect to the hinge... it is merely an LCD with brackets.

    • All 4 screws are the same size. Do NOT disassemble the hinge screws, as it is not necessary.

    • The images shown here depict the top right screw and bottom right screw. There are two more on the left side of the screen the similar locations.

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    • With the 4 screws removed, you can now slowly pull the screen off, rotating it towards the keyboard. You can lay it flat on the keys, since the next step is to unplug the LCD cable.

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    • Here's the LCD Cable. There's an ABYSMAL amount of tape that keeps this in place (other laptops use massive sized tap to make sure it doesn't budge.

    • As seen in the second image, merely peel up the tiny piece of tape with a screwdriver. Once the tape is off the floor, lift up the black tab, and pull in the opposite direction of yourself to tug it out of place.

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    • With the cable unplugged, you can now dispose of the old LCD screen.

    • Grab your new screen

    • Lay it down flat on the keys like you had the old screen (connector closest to the LID of the computer, like the old one was)

    • Buy a screen that has a protective film on it (Or place a cloth over the keys) to prevent it from getting dirty while laying on the keys.

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    • Once the new screen is in place (lying on the keyboard like the old one was, assuming it has proper protection on the glass) We will need to reconnect the LCD cable.

    • Remember to do this in the reverse order that you did it previously. Lift up the tape and black portion of the cable so it doesn't accidentally stick to anything, then slide the gold connector into place, re-taping as necessary.

    • Make sure that the LCD cable is completely inserted into the socket. If partially inserted your screen may become backlit but have no image.

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    • Lift the screen back into place. Use the plastic rivets to get the screen into the proper place prior to screwing the screws back in.

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    • Screw one or two screws back into the proper locations near the plastic rivets.

    • Now would be a good time to test the screen to make sure it's working! The amount of tape the LCD cable comes equipped with is extremely inadequate, so checking for proper connection at this point is a good idea.

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    • Behold your excellent work!

    • Snap the bezel back into place.

    • Optional: You might consider some two-sided tape to help enforce things, depending on how damaged the tape was after you removed the bezel.

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The screen replacement went well, but I must have blown the backlight fuse. (there are normal images on the screen). Any help locating the backlight fuse???

Donald DeCuir - Ответить

THANK YOU! Worked great, much appreciated. But what a cheap design by HP...

Joe F - Ответить

hey sir my laptop screen is cracked so can you help me to fix the screen contact me on my facebook account or email me pirhashimkhan_spy@hotmail.com

pir Hashim - Ответить

Great instructions!

First time I connected the LCD cable (a little bit tricky), the screen was lit up but there was no image. Then I made sure it was fully pushed together and connected and added a piece of duct tape to keep it in place and I got an image!

Great pictures, tips, and instructions.

Mark Strom - Ответить

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