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Am I to assume that I dont need to reapply or replace glue or adhesive strips? Is simply reheating the previous glue good enough to hold it?

Andrew Gross - Ответить

You might get away with re-heating the previously used glue the first time, however you may also notice the screen lifting from the frame. I would suggest using 99% Isopropyl alcohol to remove any excess or poorly positioned glue remaining after removing the LCD and re-applying a small amount of E8000 around the edges where there is glue missing. Posting this answer very late, but only because I know people are still repairing the Note8 using similar guides because it’s how I got here.

Jack Donovan -

note8 siyah ekran bozuldu. fiyat nedir

yasin tufekci - Ответить

Mine is coming up saying Note Network found after completion of the repair any ideas?

James Turner - Ответить

Will the phone remain waterproof after this repair?

cj-dm - Ответить

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