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Popular practices for the software developers is to leave "back-doors" within the code, which essentially allow anyone with knowledge to get into the system at a much deeper level.

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  1. Samsung GALAXY Note 3 - Service / Test menu, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 - Service / Test menu: step 1, image 1 of 3 Samsung GALAXY Note 3 - Service / Test menu, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 - Service / Test menu: step 1, image 2 of 3 Samsung GALAXY Note 3 - Service / Test menu, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 - Service / Test menu: step 1, image 3 of 3
    • *#06# - IMEI

    • *#1234# - Version

    • *#12580*369# - Main Version

    • *#0228# - Battery Status

    • *#0808# - USB Settings

    • *#0011# - Service Modes

    • *#0*# - Service / Test / Hidden functions

    • *#9900# - System Dump menu

    not working in my verizon Note 3

    HIREN PATEL - Ответить

    Same. - also Verizon unit. (w/unlocked BL) none worked.. - Absolutely LOVE V/branded phones. :D

    Thor - Ответить

    Ussd code not displaying,in my Samsung Galaxy note 3 olleh.every time when I display it says try again.help me please.

    lameck emmanuely - Ответить


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does this work with all Galaxy Note 3 phones? I have one from US Cellular and can't seem to get this to work.

atomashaska - Ответить

Enter this code first *#22745927 to enable / disable hidden menu.

ZFix -

Yes, unless your mobile phone is installed with a system that is not a Samsung Experience.

zhanbohan2008@qq.com -

You're running a custom ROM. Codes can very between ROMs in certain circumstances. Have you tested these on the stock ROM?

Harley Pisa - Ответить

I can not make phone calls with my note 3 after I purchased a activation kit for net10. Im not sure of why is it my apn settings or where do I go from here? I have tried every thing

Donnie King - Ответить

could u help me i have samsun glaxy note 3 . when i want to dile number it outomaitcally add +1 then i cant call

i cant calll.

how to remove +1 from my all contact .

engineermasoodazizi - Ответить

allso, when i want to from google direct take number then otomatically it added +1

how to remove +1 for contact . i have lots number . when i call , all added +1

pleas help me

engineermasoodazizi - Ответить

please help me my phone is invert colour mode how can change normal mode?

jayasinghpv - Ответить

I don't know. You can ask Samsung customer service.

zhanbohan2008@qq.com -

Go to setting type on searche

Inverted and deactivate it .

Ayoubblack Hotmal -

It's Samsung Galaxy note3 and only the touch screen doesn't respond for no reason. I dialed *#0*# nd clicked for touch ….but it didn't work (no hardware damage).Help.

Hannah Baker - Ответить

Dear I have N900V samsung Note 3, no any code works on it even *#06#

Pls help


I have an /sm_n9005

With a custom room lineàge os àndro pie 9 the self test doesnt come out when i dial *#0*# help

Ayoubblack Hotmal - Ответить

I can not make phone calls with my Galaxy j7 after I insert sim card for few calls one or three calls after that “ not registred on network “ command appears on the screen . but the sim card works properly on other phone,I have tried every thing. please help me to fix this problem

eshetu_bkl - Ответить

I cannot activate MTN bundles with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 I can check just credit but to process any other code it cannot

ejabi victor - Ответить

Sir my phone mic works on calls with open speaker and not record voice on whattsapp

Malik wajdan ali - Ответить

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