This guide will teach you how to replace the display on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Repair Guide created by one of the Staff at Coast I.T Services, Sunshine Coast's #1 Repairer: https://www.facebook.com/CoastITServices (QLD Australia)

  1. You sit there, staring at the device with a sad face, this is going to be a real mission.. Yeah right....
    • You sit there, staring at the device with a sad face, this is going to be a real mission.. Yeah right....

    • Your first step is to lay the tablet facing up so that the Samsung Logo is readable like so.

    • Next your going to want to get the metal spudger and slide it into the groove between the dark grey case and black glass display.

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  2. Your going to want to slide the tip of the Metal Spudger into the narrow crack on the device, wriggle back and forth to release the clips, if you don't hear a click, slide the spudger along the gap to find the clips.
    • Your going to want to slide the tip of the Metal Spudger into the narrow crack on the device, wriggle back and forth to release the clips, if you don't hear a click, slide the spudger along the gap to find the clips.

    • Use the Jimmy for this step, do not use the iMac Opening Tool, even though it might seem like a good idea, it won't work.

    • Also be mindful of the Touchsc

    Note that the headphone port protrudes into the back cover framing. Hence the rest of the back needs to be unclipped and taken off first.

    Levi Howard - Ответить

    • Once the clips have been released, the front of the device should lift away.


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    • Your going to want to disconnect the power cable first, which is in the middle of the device, the little black connector shown in the middle of the first photo with the red blue and black cables coming out of it.

    • your going to want to get the Plastic Spudger and use the pointed end, slowly slide it under the cables and lift carefully, do the same on the other side until the connector pops off the socket. ** BE CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE THE SOCKET OR CONNECTOR. TAKE CARE WHEN UNPLUGGING.

    • Unplugging the battery will prevent any short circuiting, we are using a Anti-Static Mat in this repair so we don't really need to worry, but disconnect it anyway to be on the safe side.

    • There will be two of those green sticker covers on the connectors for the touchscreen etc, remove those using the precision tweezers "They are very sticky, do not apply heat", put them somewhere safe as they need to be re-applied.

    • Proceed with disconnecting the middle ribbon cable and do so with care, flick up the latch on the back of the socket to release the cable and be sure not to bend of flex the cable as this will damage it.

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    • Your going to want to use the iOpener tool for this repair, using a Heat Gun or Hair Dryer is just dumb and can cause damage to the LCD and other components, always use the iOpener.

    • Follow instructions for heating the iOpener and then once done in the Microwave, lay it along the bottom of the device across the Samsung Logo so the entire bottom of the display is covered.

    • Let it sit for about 30 seconds or so and also press down on it slightly to speed up the loosening of the adhesive. You may be thinking to use the iMac Opening Tool for this one as it "slices" through the glue, think again, the glue on this device is so strong it will not slide, it will get stuck and keep popping off the handle, do not bother.

    • For this you have to take extreme care as it is very very hard to do! You must use the Jimmy for this repair and Guitar Picks to hold the device apart. Slowly slide the Jimmy along around the display, bottom, left side, right side but not yet the top.

    • Ensure you have enough of a gap between the glass touchscreen and the device itself or it will stick again, continuously apply heat, you may need to heat the iOpener multiple times to successfully remove the display, just remember, DO NOT LET THAT GLASS TOUCH THE DEVICE AGAIN OR THE ADHESIVE WILL BOND AGAIN and you'll be back to square one.

    • Slowly slide the Jimmy around the device until only the top of the display remains. This next step requires extreme care as it does involve the front camera etc.

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    • Your last step in removing the Glass Panel is to heat the iOpener one more time and apply it along the top of the device, press down on the iOpener to apply more direct heat.

    • Give it 10 seconds and then begin grabbing the bottom of the Touchscreen Glass where the samsung logo is and begin to lift the display, rotating it on a 90 degree angle treating the top of the display like a hinge.

    • If the adhesive has been correctly heated the display should lift away properly and come away without damaging the camera etc.

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    • You will notice the Black Adhesive, all of this has to be removed from the device before applying the new display.

    • Now it's time to apply the new Touchscreen Display, ensure the Flex Cable is out of the way and that the LCD and inside of the Touchscreen has had all the dust particles removed, once you apply the Touchscreen it's permanent until you re-do all the previous steps to remove it again, so be very very very careful and thorough.

    • Apply the touchscreen quickly once the adhesive protectors have been removed and the device is clear of dust.

    • Press down around the bezel of the screen to smooth out the adhesives bond.

    • Now flip the device over and reconnect the Touchscreen Flex Cable, and Power Connector, once both are reconnected, re-apply the green sticky covers to the connectors for protection and then load the device back into the back casing.

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    • Ensure you press down to re-latch the clips around the device, when slotting the device in if you have trouble, slot the top of the device in first and then slide it down again like a hinge from the top, be careful with the speaker assembly as it has rubber seals around it.

    • Click all the clips into place and your done. Wipe off any finger prints and bravo! You've just completed this challenge.

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Your a legend, you conquered that tough adhesive! Bravo!!!

No need to reassemble your device, your all done! Now go stick a Tempered Glass Screen Protector on that device.

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Is there a way to buy the espresso 10 ribbon cable as I damaged it when removing it (even a plastic tool can pucture the cable)

Thank you


jjalt95 - Ответить

Hi jjalt95,

I'll double check on that for you. It's a very delicate cable, we were able to do the repair without damaging it, some do find this repair difficult especially with the ribbon cable, I would actually check on iFixit's Parts otherwise we can order it in for you if you need any more at any point in time as we generally have access to all the parts. Just let me know.



Coast I.T Services

CoastITServices -

Hi do you sell replacement screens for grey Samsung galaxys2 tablet 10.1

janedavies1966 - Ответить

Great post, thank you. I have a problem though... when removing the cable I forgot to lift the latch first. I believe the pins have been damaged. I can plug the cable back in but it no longer works. Is there any way to replace the connector? Thank you!

sdarsmith - Ответить

Followed this and was easy. I did not have the microwave tool but I used a thin butter knife to remove the glass front. Just slide it around the entire front and lift as you go. Worked fine. Just watch out you don't scratch the lcd display...

Sometimes if those connectors are damaged as in not being released prior then you can use another piece of that cable to space the ribbon and make a tighter connection in the socket on the board. Cut off a piece of the cable from old screen. insert that and the new cable together so the two make a tight sandwitch type fit in the socket. Use the offcut piece above the new cable so the new one touches the contacts. Usually not undoing the latch makes for a loose connection but using a spacer of old cable makes him tight again. IPads are horrible and had to do that more than once on the $@$* digitizer cable...

All in all one of the easier tablets I have repaired... Cheers.

matbir - Ответить

Hi there are different models of the 10.1 mine is p5510 will a p5100 or other model number fit it as I am finding it difficult to find one that specifically says its for a p5510?

Leonmack - Ответить

Hi there i have had the same problem but they are exactly the same its just that p5110 has a sim card slot while the p5100 doesn't hope that helps

Taza -

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