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00 Phillips Driver Bit
  • 00 Phillips Driver Bit

  • Plastic and Metal Prying Tools

  • Plastic Spudger

  • Tweezers

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Get a pry tool and go along the edge of the cover
  • Get a pry tool and go along the edge of the cover

  • Twist the pry tool to un-clip the clips

  • This can take some time and can be difficult.

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  • Get a plastic spudger and push upwards on the underside of the connector

  • Then unscrew the battery from the body.

  • Then you can remove the battery by simply lifting it out of the case.

  • DO NOT use metal pry tools or try to pry the battery out with them if it is stuck. Use gentle pressure with a plastic pry tool to pry the battery out.

  • You will want to remove the battery first to remove all power from the device so you don't short or damage anything inside.

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  • Un-screw the two screws on each of the speakers.

  • Use the plastic spudger to un-clip the connectors. These work like Lego bricks.

  • You can then remove the speakers.

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  • Un-clip all of the ribbon connectors from the board.

  • Be careful to not tare any of the ribbon cables.

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  • Un-screw all of the screws from the board.

  • You can then remove the metal shield from the board.

  • After, you can remove the motherboard by pulling up from the top and slide it out of the power connector port.

  • Near the top there is some adhesive which can be a bit hard but giving the board a bit or leverage.

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  • You can then remove the components such as the cameras and the mic.

  • To remove the headphone jack you un-screw the metal bracket.

  • The MIC and the AUX port are held in by adhesive but giving it a bit of a push should set them both free.

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  • You will be left with the display as one piece. If you need a screen replacement you can replace the whole screen.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Which is the screen connector

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