You should be comfortable with disassembling this watch before performing this procedure.

Care should be taken when applying pressure on the small flex connectors, as these are easily damaged.

You will need approximately a half-hour to complete this repair if you are unfamiliar with the tear down procedure.

  1. Before disassembling your Gear, be sure it is powered off.
    • Before disassembling your Gear, be sure it is powered off.

    • To remove each strap, locate the metal latches on both sides of the back of the Gear.

    • Press down on the metal latch while pulling the strap away from the Gear until it is completely off.

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  2. Remove the four 4.0 mm screws on the back of the Gear using a T5 Torx Screwdriver.
    • Remove the four 4.0 mm screws on the back of the Gear using a T5 Torx Screwdriver.

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    • Firmly holding the Gear, insert the flat side of the spudger at an angle to pry the back casing off of the device. Move the spudger along the sides of the Gear to completely detach the back and front components.

    • Pry the device open from the other side also if it does not fully disassemble from one side.

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    • Use tweezers to grab and then gently lift up the metal plate of the safety belt.

    • When removing the metal plate, be sure to remove them carefully as to not rip the orange tape that is attached to them.

    • During reassembly, be sure to line up the pins of the metal plate in order to reattach correctly.

    There are actually TWO metal plates attached on mine, not one, but they both came away easily, and were both easy to put back.

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    • Once the safety belt is removed, use tweezers to take the motherboard out of the Gear 2.

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    • Once the motherboard is out of the way, take your plastic spudger and apply gentle pressure to the back of the lcd. It should pop free at one corner allowing you to work your opening tool between the display and the frame. Carefully remove the screen from the frame as you apply slight pressure from the back of the screen.

    • After separating the screen from the frame, thread the display flex cable back through the opening it is routed through. Remove screen. You should end up with the frame and the adhesive ring. (see photo)

    • NOTE Be careful not to tear the black adhesive ring on the display.

    • You will need the original adhesive ring to hold your new screen in place.

    If you gently warms the LCD it makes the glue looser and the tape remain on the frame. (with hot air ~90°C to 50-60 °C)

    mzs - Ответить

    will the watch still be waterproof after this repair?

    Tyrone Kelt - Ответить

    I'm going to safely assume the front half will not be waterproof anymore as the adhesive has been split from the frame/digitizer. The back half should be okay since it's using the tightening pressure of the torx screws to keep it sealed.

    Duc -

    Read my comment below.

    Dick Hardy - Ответить

    Please give me a place for buy a gear 2 brown gold display & adhesive ring. If someonw know please reply or email me. It will really helpfull. Thank you.

    My email


    Sanjaya Thisara - Ответить


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does anybody know if there is a place to buy a new glue strip, or some aftermarket adhesive?

I performed this repair, but it took a couple of weeks for the replacement part to arrive. When I re-assembled the device, I had the feeling that the screen did not stick down to the glue as firmly as it was when I removed the old screen. I'm worried about the screen falling off, (and of course, I'm not going to trust that it's waterproof again. . . ).

neilprestemon - Ответить

I too am looking for the adhesive only. Any luck?

joe.wc4r -

Due to serious scratch damage I had to replace the display; thanks to this "guide" I managed well. For the seal; it needed replacement so I used high quality doubled sided tape. bit of a delicate process cutting the tape in shape but successfull. Now the watch looks (and works) again like new.

robinlandwier - Ответить

Cracked my watch screen. This guide was excellent and took the unknown out of the process. To remove the old screen I found that if you apply steady gentle pressure long enough to the center of the black "cushion" on the back of the old screen shown in step 5 the screen will eventually begin to peel away from the metal watch frame. What you are actually doing is pushing the old screen AWAY from the frame (not pulling it inward). I got lucky, my adhesive stayed with the watch but I was prepared to use black FlexSeal liquid and apply it with a toothpick to the frame if needed.

Thank you for this tutorial!

Dick Hardy - Ответить

Did anyone crack their screen from the inside while trying to open the watch the replace the charging pins. It turns on after being charged but the display doesn't work. I can feel the vibration.

Aaron Martz - Ответить

Where can I buy a replacement screen please?

Nsedaniel - Ответить

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