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Simple Fix For Stuck Power / Cancel Button

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  1. Simple Fix For Stuck Power / Cancel Button, Identify the Model / Safety Precaution: шаг 1, изображение 1 из 1
    • Identify your washer type. The Power / Cancel button may differ with different models. This was my model tag.

    • On my unit the model number tag was found by opening the washing machine door.


  2. Simple Fix For Stuck Power / Cancel Button, Locate the Power / Cancel Button: шаг 2, изображение 1 из 1
    • The power button contains a gray colored round button actuator in a chrome housing. The words "Power - Cancel" (solid dot between words) are printed above the button

    • Apparently the stuck button was actually caused by the chrome housing/ring being pressed in too far at the bottom or otherwise misaligned. This was not a problem with the actuator itself as I first thought.

  3. Simple Fix For Stuck Power / Cancel Button, Release the button housing: шаг 3, изображение 1 из 1
    • The simple fix here was to take a metal pick (or other thin but firm tool) and carefully get under the chrome housing (ring) at the bottom and wedge it up or slightly forward.

    • To my surprise there was a slight click/pop that indicated the housing ring was released.

    • Plug the washing machine back into the power source and lightly touch the Power / Cancel button actuator.

    • My advice to avoid this in the future is to more carefully "touch" the center of the gray actuator with minimal force rather then "mash" the whole button during use.

    This saved us. Although we have a different model.

    Haitham - Ответить

    Thank you! I used a dental pick and it popped right back in place.

    Kim Hunt - Ответить

    This worked on a machine, using the tweezers from a Swiss Army knife. Thanks for the suggestion.

    cbk - Ответить

    Great to hear!

    drmdolfan -

    I tried this but it ended up pushing button way out of place

    shayla fiddler - Ответить

    Yeah you have to be especially careful and only use slight pressure.

    drmdolfan -

    used a dental pick also and it worked, thanks for the guidance.

    Dennis Duggan - Ответить

    Great to hear!

    drmdolfan -

    Thank you for your advice!! It worked like a charm!!

    Alisha Boyce - Ответить

    It worked using a flat flexible blade and a bottle opener

    Paul Allen - Ответить

    Hello, I have a Maytag 4000 series and the Power/Cancel button seems to not be working all of a sudden. I tried to unplug it and then when I plugged it back in I heard a pop and it worked when I pressed the button. But it seems to work on and off. Does anyone have a clue what it could be? if it's something simple I don't want a tech to come out charge me $118.00 that is a simple fix. Please help I am a widow and need help with this. Thank you in advance. Model # MHWE450WW01 ALSO SERIAL CS00804203 4.5 CU FT. You can also email me at kachia4@aol.com Thank you

    kachia4 - Ответить

    Would anyone know where to purchase a replacement button and ring?

    Wayne Vallier - Ответить

    This totally did the trick. No repair bill needed. Thank you for your post!

    Judy Smith - Ответить

    Great! So glad to help.

    drmdolfan -

    It worked for me, thank you so much!

    Candice Palmer - Ответить

    So happy to hear that it worked for you!

    drmdolfan -


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Hello I have a GE front loader and my power went out before it was done it had a minute to go and now it does not want to start back up what do I do and I thought I would unplugged it for a hour thinking it would reset it self but that didn't work

Margaret Greene - Ответить

There are some things which can cause this - online they talk about a stuck water valve or a door switch problem. Make sure to completely restart a cycle. There is also a reset process where you unplug the power cord and then hold down the power button for at least 5 seconds after plugging the power cord back in.

drmdolfan - Ответить

Thank you so much, saved me a lot of money and hassle.

kanonarose - Ответить

I replaced my control board on my Frigidaire washers and I'm getting key stuck message pop up on my screen around two minutes after I turn it on

Calvin King - Ответить

Thank you! Worked as predicted! 5 seconds! Took me longer to find a “tool” than to fix it!

teresa - Ответить

This is a great tip, but unfortunately, in my case, the housing ring was actually broken and there is absolutely no way to get a replacement part. I have called everywhere. So for the want of a 10c piece of plastic I need to replace a perfectly good Maytag Washing machine. Very sad. So much for sustainable and reusable!

John Davies - Ответить

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