Никакие детали не требуются.

  1. Grip the lower portion of the back of the phone and slide downwards.
    • Grip the lower portion of the back of the phone and slide downwards.

  2. Lift battery at the rounded notch near the bottom of the phone.
    • Lift battery at the rounded notch near the bottom of the phone.

    • Unscrew the four Torx screws from the backplate.

    • The backplate may begin to separate from the keypad face. Do not try to remove it yet.

    • The screws are T5 Torx screws, 5.6mm.

    • Swivel the phone open.

    • Using the Spudger, gently pry up the U-shaped grey cover below the keypad.

    • The cover is secured with adhesive tape. The gentler this is removed, the easier it will be to reassemble.

    • Remove the two Torx screws from below the cover.

    • These are T5 Torx screws, 8.6mm.

    • Gently work a spudger or a fingernail between the keypad face and the backplate.

    • The pieces are clipped together most tightly at the bottom loop section.

    • Separate the keypad face from the backplate.

    • The keypad keys and the button component are both loose inside the phone, so take note of their orientation in case they become dislodged.

    • Take note of the braided cord's state. Upon reassembly it should be returned to the same orientation.

    • Holding the backplate away from the swivel, remove the 4 small Phillips screws and both stamped struts from the swivel assembly.

    • Note that only the bottom strut has a tab.

    • The screws are Phillips, 2.9mm

    • The back housing is now disassembled, and the swivel assembly is revealed.

    • Remove the four black Phillips screws holding the swivel assembly to the LCD section of the phone.

    • Be mindful of the screws, as they are very small.

    • The screws are Phillips, 2.4mm

    • Gently remove the grey plastic cover at the top-rear of the LCD section with a spudger.

    • It is secured with adhesive tape, the more gently you remove this piece, the easier reassembly will be later.

    • Remove the two Torx screws revealed under the grey cover.

    • The screws are Torx T5, 5.6mm

    • Gently pry off the front face, starting at the bottom slot.

    • Remove the Torx screws near the buttons.

    • The screws are Torx T5, 5.6mm

    • Remove the black front plate.

    • Remove the button overlay, taking note of its position for reassembly. There are small grey nubs that correspond to holes in the overlay.

    • Gently release the small grey retaining clips around the outside of the display assembly.

    • Separate the display assembly from its backplate.

    • Take care; some of the side buttons may dislodge as the backplate is separated.

    • The LCD section is now disassembled.

    • The LCD display is connected to the device with a small flex cable. To release the cable, flip the small handle on the connector to an upright position.

    • Gently pull the flex cable downwards with a pair of tweezers.

    • Gently separate the side button component from the inner casing. It is attached with adhesive.

    • Gently pull the front button component away from the inner casing slightly. It does not need to be removed.

    • Remove the LCD screen by its white housing, pulling the flex cable through the slot from the other side of the casing.

    • The LCD has been removed! It can now be replaced with a functioning display.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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