The pump is used to take the water from the reservoir to the portafilter and steam wand.


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  1. First remove all six screws on the back panel.
    • First remove all six screws on the back panel.

    • Remove the back panel, then set it aside.

    • Remove the two screws holding the bottom panel in place.

    • Remove the bottom panel, then set it aside.

    Where can I purchase a new pump from?

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  2. Pull the drip tray out, then set it aside.
    • Pull the drip tray out, then set it aside.

    • Turn the brew unit clockwise to unscrew.

    • Pull the tube that goes into water reservoir out.

    • Slide the water reservoir out through the front of the barista to remove it.

    • Remove the top tray from the backside.

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    • Use an adjustable wrench to unscrew the connection tube between the pump and the boiler.

    • Pull off both tubes connecting on each side of the pump.

    • Remove the 3 electrical connectors from the pump.

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    • Unscrew the two mounting bolts.

    • Remove the pump unit from the Barista.

    • Pull off the yellow end of the pump and unscrew T-shaped end.

    • See the links section of the device page for where to purchase a new pump.

    I went to a link with a picture of the exact pump and model number. What came was a label free pump which is not and exact replacement. There is an o-ring which makes the seal between the tee and the pump so order a new one while you’re at it. The new pump is lacking the o-ring retention groove/recess in the tip of the pump’s brass output where the tee screws in. Since this is flat, the o-ring pinches out and sprays a fine stream out of the joint between the brass tee and the pump output stem. I will be calling them in the morning.

    Model EA Type EAX5


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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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What is meant by "See the links section of the device page for where to purchase a new pump"? Which device page on which website? Are you not able to just post the link? Which type/model of pump is required?

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My son and I successfully replaced the pump, but it didn't go quite as easily as I'd thought. We could not get the hose that connects the boiler to the pump off. Thankfully, my clever son realized we could turn the portion of the pump that screws into the t-end to get the old pump off and new one on.....tricky, but doable. The new pump is a bit noisier than the last, but she pulls beautiful shots. Thanks so much for this guide!

Bananaslug - Ответить

Does anyone know the purpose of the hose that goes toward the back? not the one to the boiler but the other one that goes backward and down from the t-connector? it doesn't seem to be moving any water but the unit seems to work fine.

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That's a return line I believe. So if there is water left it can drain back to the reservoir.

Chris Slater -

Here's a link to the pump on amazon that I just found


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I was given a 10 year ols (approx.) Saeco Barista. It seems very loud when pumping.

I looked under the cover. everything looks new. A little bit of small debris in the corners, probably coffee.

Is the loud pump noise an indication of a worn pump or pump part? I don't think it's vibration. I think y=the pump mounts are intact.



Lionel - Ответить

I have the same question. I received mine secondhand as well, and I have no experience with a new one to compare to. It seems to work, but I wonder if it's working well or just limping along. I think mine is ok just going by youtube videos: https://youtu.be/aBYmRHK9BJg and https://youtu.be/ju2GEvlE0hg

Harvey -

My Saeco Starbucks Barista machine still sounds like the pump is working, but no water is drawn up into the pump. I've tried priming the pump per the original instructions which tell me to open the steam wand while running the pump, but that does no good. And I've taken off the back for a look and everything appears to be properly connected, and, as I said, the pump sounds the same as always.

I assume this means the pump is shot, but I want to ask you all if that's the problem.

joe - Ответить

Try removing the filter and pushing water into the line with a turkey baster or similar. Or remove the back, hold the line towards the ceiling higher than the pump to allow air to escape and gravity to help. Tap the line and pump to make sure all air is out of the line. There still might be some inside the pump. The pump does not like to be dry.

Harvey -

Hopefully someone still looks at this page :) A friend of a friend was getting rid of this machine, and I accepted the donation. At first try, the pump wasn't pumping any water in. So I started full tear down of the machine and through couple stumbles and my own interest, took apart the portion of the pump that the water goes through. To my surprise, the inside was full of rust (not mineral). Furthermore, it seems that a lot of the components that comes in contact with the water is just steel (not stainless steel). Is it standard that these pump are made from steel component that are prone to rust, considering that the water for consumption flows right through them?

Thanks, Vasily

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I’ve got a Starbucks Barista purchased in 2004, and it still works . I have found that descaling is a big issue as the machine gets older. Also cleaning the power head from time to time can help with flow issues. Disassembling the power head requires some mechanical skill; that is, you have to have a work environment to keep the parts from scattering, you have to pay attention to how the parts are assembled (take pictures if you need to), and REALLY careful not to lose the springs inside. Once its apart, clean all the coffee residue and oil out that you can, with the exception of stained parts. Reassemble and run a shot. If its still having water flow problems, try descaling, and if that doesn’t solve the problem, you will need to replace the pump.

mike davis -

hi I have this Barista machine & found it works intermitantly with quite a noise, presumably from the pump.

Has anyone had similar issues, & solution

Rob ( Surrey UK)

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