This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Thomas Ride On Train, use our service manual.

  1. System Components
    • System Components

    • When power is applied to the charging connector it activates a relay which disconnects the power to the main circuits.

    • The main powerswitch is under the large yellow lever and simply applies power from the battery to the control board in the console.

    • A multipole switch is used to reverse the direction of the motor

    • An LED in the console flashes with the sound

    • The sound is provided by a loudspeaker in the base

  2. Charging Connector
    • Charging Connector

    • The charging connector is on the rear of the train between the buffers

    • My connector is a "old style" connector which is effectively a phono, the new style is a more conventional power connector

    • Power Switch and Charging Relay Board

    • This battery has been replaced, the originals attach via a clip

    • Note the fuse on the positive connector

    • This switch is controlled by the level on the console and switches the polarity of the motor connectors.

    • Middle position is off, the other two positions are forward and backwards

    • If you are replacing the LED don't forget that the polarity of the wires is important

    • Has three switches to activate the music and connectors leading off to the motor, speaker, LED and battery

    • This is a 16ohm speaker

    • 6v electric motor with capacitor for noise and spark suppressor wired across the terminals

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sound their but it's stoped moving

Leona - Ответить

If you've got sound but no movement then the most likely cause is the battery is discharged or defective. If you have a multimeter you could check the voltage on the battery.

If may also be a motor / mechanical issue. With the power disconnected you should be able to rotate the wheels but it won't spin freely as there is a gearbox.

Andy from Workshopshed -

Movement but no sound? Been charged

Shiipwreck Flynn - Ответить

That could be a problem with the sound board which lives inside the steering wheel. It's quite a challenge to get to that which is what caused me to write the guide in the first place. I had to clean the switches on that board to get mine to work.

Alternatively could be a loose or broken wire on the speaker which is down in the base, one of the first things you get too when stripping it down.

Andy from Workshopshed -

What do I clean it with? Just polish? Had a look. Wires look fine so im confused lol

Shiipwreck Flynn -

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