Replacing a damaged touchscreen (broken glass) of a TomTom Via 135 navigation system

  1. Remove Torx screw inside opening for suction cup
    • Remove Torx screw inside opening for suction cup

    • Work around edges with opening tool to release clips

    • Carefully separate sides and remove microphone connector

    • Open 90 degrees and release flat ribbon connector

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  2. Remove display side from backside
    • Remove display side from backside

    • Carefully release clips round LCD-Display (4)

    • Be sure to wear some eye-protection and gloves next as glass fragments may be set free from broken panel.

    • With cutter knife carefully work between touch panel glass and LCD frame (metal).

    • Remove all glass and parts of damaged touch schreen

    • Do NOT rip off the flexible PCB. This must be desoldered very carefully

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    • Carefully remove the green sticker over the four soldering pads

    • There is some double sided tape behind the marked part. Do not rip the flexible PCB or you will easily damage the soldering pads as I did.

    • Heat up the pads either all at once and lift them up from the end of the PCB first or try to start from one side and 'roll' up the PCB from one side to the other.

    • If you rip a soldering pad like I did, you still can repair it provided some good eyesight...

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    • Assembly is done in reverse order

    • Apply new touchscreen with double sided adheisive tape. Be sure to clean LCD surface before and remove any protective cover of new touchscreen

    • Some touchscreen are not exactly same as original, the flexible PCB has to be bent very gently to align with pads.

    • Make sure the LCD´s flexible PCB is bent back fully, as this will be the position in closed device.

    • Carefully solder all four pads.

    • Connect LCD and try the touchscreen operation before closing the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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