After a few weeks of use, some keys of my Zenbook keyboard became unresponsive. In my case, it was the vertical key rows.

After opening my laptop I noticed the cable was unlocked. This guide will show you how to reconnect it.

This fix may not apply for every scenario. While there are no guarantees this will work, this is a noninvasive fix you can try before sending the laptop out for repair or buying a new palmrest assembly.


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  1. Note: These 2 screws are longer then the others. Sort them accordingly.
    • Note: These 2 screws are longer then the others. Sort them accordingly.

    • Unscrew the remaining 8 screws. These are all the same length and can be stored together.

  2. Remove the back cover. There are no warranty stickers, so there is nothing to worry about.
    • Remove the back cover. There are no warranty stickers, so there is nothing to worry about.

    • Locate the keyboard connector. It is covered with a piece of tape which is not very adhesive. That explain why the connector unlocked itself I guess.

    • You may need to remove the battery to disconnect it. Unscrew the 3 screws holding the battery into the system.

    • Remove the tape covering the connector. Note: Tape should be added to the connector to keep it secure.

    • Here on the picture you can see the connector with its two holders unlocked. These hold the connector in and should be completely pushed in.

    • Push the connector in. Do this until it is fully connected again.

    • Lock the tabs that retain the keyboard connector back in place.


Screw everything back and if you've done it right, enjoy all your keyboard keys again.

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Awesome fix, thanks! This exact issue was plaguing the up and down keys on my UX31 (this is after having to RMA the thing for power issues). Be forewarned, if you are attempting this on a machine that is in sleep or hibernation mode, it has the potential to shut it off, with no visible LED lights to indicate. You can reset by holding down the power button for ~10 seconds and it should boot back up, if not, check connections again.

The LED light on the charging cable is a decent indication if something's up or not.

Jeff L - Ответить

Yep, this worked on my zenbook UX31A. The two white push tabs have to be fully in for the wires in the ribbon cable to contact. When u push in one, the other one pops open, so push both together.

Also, MY zenbook needed a torx T4 to unscrew the screws.

spud -

Great fix! My shift keys were not registering, and upon removing the back I saw the keyboard connector was indeed loose. Securing it in place fixed the problem. Thanks a lot!

Adolfo Brandes - Ответить

Thanks for this! I had random keys unresponsive at various times, my white connector was plugged in on one side but not the other. See-sawed it back and forth until they were both in.

I think the cause is the battery; it physically places the keyboard cable under stress. I replaced the tape with much stronger stuff but am not sure if it will be a permanent fix...

Jonathan - Ответить

Thanks man, you are the best!! This is a great notebook, and this problem was starting to make me hate it. Easy as cake. Wish you good fortune and the best of luck.

Saturnin Kepa - Ответить

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