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The infrared camera and dot projector as the main parts of Face ID system are tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone X.

The flood illuminator works with the Face ID system and is tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone X, so it failed after replacing.

More details about the conclusion please visit https://www.etradesupply.com/blog/can-ip...


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Any one need iPhone X repair parts can visit my profile.

Mandy - Ответить

Which spare part should i buy from u to fix the face id problem?

the front camera works well

mgzwewaiyan -

Can you fix a iphone x where the front cameras works perfectly but the face id doesn't work. The iphone x had water damage but got that cleaned and fixed

Danny Ling - Ответить

Hi Danny, we etradesupply don’t repair cellphone, we sell phone repair parts. There are many reasons lead to the iPhone X Face ID not work, the dot projector, the sensor flex cable ..etc Did you replaced any parts of the phone when fixing it?

Mandy -

No there were no parts changed they only cleaned the phone. All other options are working with the front camera but faceid doesn’t even start up

Danny Ling - Ответить

Try to delete the Face ID and add it again.

Mandy -

Does anybody know if Face Id on iphone X can work again after repairing due to to automatic shutdown .


abdul.dawonde - Ответить

Hi Abdul I have same problem did you find solution

Danny Ling - Ответить

Apparently when you replace the screen, Face ID is disabled, apparently face ID is locked to the screen. Information according Louis Rossmann @ Youtube

Brad Phone Screens - Ответить

Hey, my Iphone x dropped down and it never switched on again and after i took it to the repair centre they told me to replace the motherboard of the x so they replaced the motherboard from a fully cracked phone and it’s working fine as usual but the face id is not working why is that? Can anyone help me?

Lakindu - Ответить

Because the infrared camera and dot projector as the main parts of Face ID system are tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone X. And no, you cannot sync it yourself, only authorized Apple service centers can do it.

billa.4you -

Would anyone know why the Face Recognition on an iPhone X isn’t working after replacing the screen from another iPhone X? I have replaced the dot projector and sensor flex cable and it’s still not working. Would it be because the screen isn’t a replacement screen it’s from previously owned iphone X?

Jay Miranda - Ответить

I have the same problem, did you find solution?

alatsbolt -

Hola necesito que me ayuden porfabor,le cambie la pantalla a mi iphone X I el face id dejo de funcionar el sensor de proximidad funciona al acercar la oreja se oscurece I al alejarla se enciende,el sensor de luz funciona I las cámaras también,no se como verificar el resto para pedir lo que me aga falta,ayúdenme porfavor gracias

carlos berdeal lopez - Ответить

Tienes que fijarte bien que al colocar los flex ninguno allá que dado doblado rebosa bien

luizpopilla -

Hi i am shoukath from qatar. is there any issue with Iphone X after Water Repairing? and My face ID is not working. is there any way to fix it?

shoukaonline - Ответить

is it possible to replace the front camera only without losing face id?

cedric - Ответить

Difficulty of repair is average….? Are you kidding me? Everything needing soldering is to difficult for most people.

Erwin Rijser - Ответить

Wir können das abgerissene Face ID wieder Flex Kabel wieder relarieren.


Techmann - Ответить

its possible to replace The Dot Projector of an iPhone X with a new part?

Jaime Osorio - Ответить

Hi! I have a question. My iPhone X Face ID cannot be started to configurate. Front camera works well, no parts have been changed. After a water accident we repaired the phone by heating it up in a special oven for electronic devices for 24 hours (whole iPhone first, then Face ID and earspeaker seperately). iPhone is working perfectly well right now but the Face ID. Normally there is a warning like “Face ID not available” when anything is broken, but not here. I can start the configuration of Face ID but it does not recognize my face. After “Position your face within the frame” nothing happens. I never get to”Move your head slowly to complete the circle”. Do you have any idea how we can fix that or where the problem could be located at?

Moritz Steiner - Ответить

Hey Moritz! I have the same behaviour after water drop! Support told me, that the Face ID parts have to be replaced. Let me hear, if you find another way!

timo -

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