My Zanussi Washing Machine hasn’t been working properly for a while. then it stopped spinning and emptying, then wouldn’t go through the programmes at all.

I cleaned all the pipes, checked motor brushes, oiled and checked motors, no benefit.

I found this worked though, and left it working perfect -

Next time it goes wonky give it a try first!


  1. Turn the dial to off.
    • Turn the dial to off.

    • Press and hold together the start button (the one with the green arrow) and the button to the left of it.

    • While holding, turn the Programme Dial 1 ‘click’ clockwise(to 90 degrees temp).

    • The lights ( or digital screen ) will flash - release the buttons (the lights should scroll).

    • Now turn the dial a further 9 clicks clockwise.

      • Note the error code displayed.

    • Continue turning the dial clockwise till you get to off, then turn to any program and back to off.

    It shows me error E72 what i have to do?

    Totorean Marcel - Ответить

    I dont have digital display after doing this my start/pause button & my end button are flashing & bleeping continously

    pyates853 - Ответить

    Im only getting 5 green flashes no red

    pyates853 - Ответить

    • All washing machines will eventually stop working. First try the brushes on the main motor. They wear down, the more work the quicker it will happen. They are usually contained in an external plastic housing, one each at the rear end of the motor and easy to replace.

    Tried this but still not working

    shaynehobson - Ответить

    I had to do it a couple of times before it worked. Try again.

    Oladotun Solaja - Ответить

    Hi. We get E21. Cleaned the filter and still no joy. Any ideas?

    Alexi - Ответить


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Fantastic. I had spent a very frustrating hour trying to sort the problem with my machine. Last resort before buying a new one was to trawl the internet. Came across this solution and, bingo, it worked. So pleased and grateful for the info, saved me a bundle!!

suegoldsmith - Ответить

It shows me E72,what i have to do?

Totorean Marcel - Ответить

I tried this although in my machine the 'extra rinse' button is not there but a half load button instead. I never the less used this button & what happened is as described. I only needed to turn the dial 8 turns, 40 degrees light wash & the unit made a few cycles then spun at top speed. So far ok. Unfortunately this seems to have upset the programmer which does not follow it's normal pattern of events.

Don't know what to do now except, maybe experiment to get a full wash the go through the procedure again to spin.

Any further help would be appreciated,

Vic Funnell

funvic - Ответить

This has just worked for me. Thanku very much

Julie Acaster - Ответить

It shows me C11

will now move on the dial but then flashes err after a couple of seconds

angelagarner123@hotmail.co.uk - Ответить

My model doesn’t have a digital display. Instead of an error code the start button went red. It worked fine after that but I’ve had to do the reset several times. Any additional suggestions?

Oladotun Solaja - Ответить

I’ve now discovered that, if you do not have a digital display you have to count the flashes. In my case it was 4 red flashes and 2 green. This means E42. This tells me that the issue is with the door seal.

Oladotun Solaja -


I’ve just tried this method but got to the last part turning it all the way to off and then any programme but the door still does not jump to end.

i counted the flashing lights after 9 clicks and there was 4 red and 2 greens.

have I missed something at the end?

Irene Liu -

So with the door error can this be resolved? Any help would be much appreciated as I’ve spent a whole day, and have washed the load about 6 times now.

Irene Liu -

I have error E21? Any ideas?

Alexi - Ответить

A wonderful german database for errorcodes of household achines:


VauWeh - Ответить

i have an error code e o n on my display what does this mean ?

brendan - Ответить

cleaned the water pump piping of all the coins x2 £1 x2 20p x5 1p that had accumalated, the deposit of fluff in the collection area

did the reset as i did not know there was such thing as i had been sitting thinking the motor had stopped working

did the reset and we are back as new

many thanks just saved me £250

paul - Ответить

E 66 can anyone help ?

Tom miller - Ответить

The elais of the heating might be broken. Try changing it or change daughterbord.

VauWeh - Ответить

relais of the heating…

VauWeh - Ответить

My zanussi jetsystem + doesn't take softener in the compartment I done the fault code reset I get error code EF4 ive clean the wash powder /liquid drawer but still get the same error code. .. how do I fix it please ..many thanks

Daniel Bayou - Ответить

my zanusi is a Zanussi Jetsystem 1400 XC FJR1454W. The power swich is the ony option that lights up .The rest of the option on to pick the settings for washing does not light up again. Can someone tell me how to reset this series for i think resetting it might make the washing machine to start working again Problem started when it was giving me error 40 intermittentl and one day stopped washing in the middle of the circle. I then checked out the drainage outlet including the hose connection to the waste section under the sink. The machine then stooped washing in the missle of circle but error message turn to error 23. I unplugged 2 wire connections and connect them back under the machine before i discovered that the problem was waste blockage around the connection under the sink where the waste hose connects to

Now when i start the machine, the power light comes on but nothing happens and i it does not allow for picking any settings

please any suggestion

a_omolaja - Ответить

Thank you very much. My model doesn’t have a display but it flashes in red instead of the error code, but it worked fine after the reset process.


Wael - Ответить

Thank you so much. I just tried to do a small 30 wash but the digital screen was showing symbol for end of wash an wouldn’t go off. Uh ho. So went on the internet looking for another new washing machine or someone to repair this one. When I found this site, had a look and decided to try the information given. Was prepared for the cost of a new one anyway. Had to do it twice but it worked. Wow. My wash is done, and I owe a big thank you for this site. Not bad for a 72 year old woman.

Jean Lancaster - Ответить

i had 5 red flashes then 1 flash green ????

john ferrabee - Ответить

Hello people,everyone is talking about error codes and what to do when you get one…mine has literally stopped working with nothing showing up on the display!..so no error codes NOTHING!..all I did was turn the dial from quick wash to mix wash and the display went off,Iv put in a new fuse but nothing,please help!

Wal - Ответить

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