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We’ve seen (and torn down) pretty much everything, but now Tiny’s T1 is here. It’s oblivious to your obsession with screen-to-body ratios, impervious to your petty PPI comparisons, and contemptuous of those quadruple-digit smartphone pricetags—but it might just take the thin-and-light crown for good. Join us for the Tiniest teardown we’ve ever done. It’s gonna be big.
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'''Version 1'''
At iFixit, we are seasoned veterans in tearing devices apart. And on the battlefield of consumer devices, we’ve seen pretty much everything.
We did not, however, anticipate the appearance of the Tiny T1. It wanders onto the scene, oblivious to the embroiled screen-to-body ratio skirmish and the battery capacity arms race. As it strolls past us, we snatch it up and subject it to a teardown!
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'''Version 2'''
''Phones, phones, all sorts of phones,''
''[guide|113656|Smart phones|new_window=true] , dumb phones,''
''[guide|113021|Apple phones|new_window=true] , [guide|111507|banana phones|new_window=true],''
''[guide|112412|Giant phones|new_window=true] , Tiny phones…?''
It’s Tiny T1 Teardown Time!
It’s Time for a Tiny Teardown!